Blog Tweaks & Redesign

Hi, blogging friends. You may have noticed things are changing a little bit around here. I’m in the process of changing my blog over to WordPress. I know there are a lot of errors and strange formats. Please be patient. Hopefully by next week I’ll have everything straightened out and complete. Thanks for being patient.

xoxo, katy

p.s. I’m having major problems switching my blog over to wordpress. Half of my posts are still on the old site. I just don’t get it! If you know anyone that’s a wordpress guru send them my way!

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Cathedral Quilts

Over the weekend I somehow came across a flickr group called, Cathedral Window Quilts. The panes of color showcase vintage fabrics that make drool with delight. As I read though the comments I began to get discouraged. Many of these quilts took years to make. How hard could it be? I tend to find projects that are bit to complex for my skill level. Check out a tutorial I found online showing you how to make Cathedral windows. For my first quilt I should probably choose something easier?

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