Red Poppy Fields In Provence

Red poppy fields dotted the landscape throughout Provence in early May. We spotted a field packed with red blooms on the D900 near Bonnieux; the field was so beautiful I couldn’t help myself but cry amazed by the beautiful display of color. Pregnancy hormones, maybe? The field was solid red and framed by a blue summer sky.

Throughout our week we spotted red poppies growing in cracks and dispersed in overgrown fields. From our apartment in Bonnieux we could see large red blocks of poppy fields out in the distance. So spectacular!

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Baby Bump In Paris!

I’m pregnant! Above me showing off my very tiny baby bump (week 16) in front of the Eiffel tower during our trip to France. I’m due in late October; we’re over the moon excited! I was really sick the first 12 weeks; hence my break from blogging. Now I’m back and feeling much better!

This summer we have a few house renovations to prepare for baby. We’re planning to gut the third floor of our house and expand the ceilings up to the rafters to make room for a large master suite and nursery! Part of the renovation involves us moving the furnace out of the third floor and putting the whole house on one heating system. We’re still in planning phases but the renovation is my number #1 priority this summer. I can deal with the rest of the house as long as I have a quiet clean space for me and baby.

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