On My Radar: December

Lately the renovation has been sucking me dry mentally and physically. The last few weekends I’ve taken some mini-breaks to New York and Boston. Meeting up with old friends and checking out holiday sales was just the refresher I needed. Above and below things that caught my eye while I was out and about the last few weeks.

#1 Gingham thank you cards from Stripe & Field (boston), #2 simple green wreaths (marblehead), #3 beautiful hand-dipped candles at Saipua (brooklyn), #4 handmade hats at Yarn Over Marblehead (marblehead).

#1 & #2 Sullivan Street Bakery’s Cavolfiore pizza from the author of No-Knead Bread book (new york), #3 & #4 Martha Stewart Craft Sale where I discovered Pip Squeak Chapeau (new york).

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Picking Strawberries

I went strawberry picking this morning at Connors in Danvers, Massachusetts via a new friend suggestion. The field smelled like a giant decadent strawberry daiquiri, um yum! If it wasn’t frowned upon to drink cocktails before noon on a Wednesday I would have sparked up the blender as soon as I got home. The picking was great! The strawberries were still small and perfectly sweet.

I loaded up my 6 quarts thinking I was going to use them all for jam. But I realized I have a whole list of strawberry concoctions I want to make like sconces, pancakes, muffins and my favorite salad in the world: spinach/blue cheese/toasted walnut/strawberry salad. So maybe I’ll going picking again on Sunday at Russell Orchards in Ipswich for jam?

Did I share with you why I’m trying to break my internet habit besides the obvious? Over the last four years I’ve done more sitting then is acceptable for a person that is healthy and mobile. I’ve been trying to workout and Monday I took my first, Whole Body Ball Workout class—which means I had to jump on balls, twirl balls, and do stuff with hand weights. I always feel stupid in classes. I wonder why my arms look so long and awkward, why my boobs are sagging (is it the bra?), where did all these smoking hot moms come from? Lord. The class kicked my ass which made it difficult for me to squat down to pick strawberries. Sitting down in the straw and picking in a 360 degree rotation was the best method. I should probably go back to the gym tonight? The soreness must mean my butt is getting tighter, right?

Below a very short video. I’m trying to get the hang of the focus on the video mode while I am doing something, but it’s kinda cool? Maybe I should try one of those flips or I should get the new iphone? But I really don’t need more crap to carry….

p.s. my fav song to get my butt running on the treadmill right now, Say Hey by Michael Franti & Spearhead. Which isn’t new but it’s perfect for summer!

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