Heritage Houses at Strawbery Banke

On Sunday we were up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and took a long walk through the Strawbery Banke museum. I noticed a number of the home had been recently renovated since my last visit.

The Heritage Houses are a collection of ten homes on Strawbery Banke’s property being restored to their original period condition to be leased as residential and office space. The initiative is meant “to generate an income stream that will maintain the buildings and contribute to the long term sustainability of Strawbery Banke.” I would be interested in learning more how the incorporation of modern conveniences are being addressed while still maintaining the homes historic integrity. Photos from inside the The Wheelwright House can been seen here.

The homes are breathtaking and very similar in structure to my house. We’re in the process of fixing some rotten window sills, corner boards and clapboards and the Heritage Houses offered beautiful inspiration. Above and below snapshots from our morning.

So who’s moving to Portsmouth to have the chance to rent one of these homes? I want to live in The Wheelwright House!

The Wheelwright House is part of the Heritage home collection and can be rented. “Sea captain John Wheelwright came home from the American Revolution to build a house that is a typical reflection of middle class family life in the late 1700s”.

The Cotton Tenant House a modest house constructed by Leonard Cotton in 1835; specifically as apartments. The renovation will be completed in spring 2012 and available for rental.

I dream of a kitchen garden with a collection of herbs.

A green lawn and bright yellow foliage on the property.

An old six paneled door caught my eye.

Purple berries spotted on a shrub.

A gorgeous cobble driveway.

A close-up of the berries. I think it’s Beautyberry?

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Mt. Washington Hotel at Bretton Woods

Over the weekend we embraced the snow and went skiing in northern New Hampshire. We stayed at the Bretton Arms which is an inn that is part of the Mt. Washington Hotel Resort. The hotel was built over a hundred years ago is one of the last surviving grand hotels in the United States. Back in the day visitors traveled by rail to the backcountry of New Hampshire for long vacations away from the city.

When I was a kid we lived in northern New Hampshire. My older sister took riding lessons at the hotel in the summer months—I was too little and was only allowed to take trail rides on special occasions. I spent hours staring up at the big white lady nestled in the mountains from the riding ring. It was the fanciest hotel I had ever seen.

Above and below snapshots from a twilight walk around the resort. An outdoor pool on the backside of the hotel was full of kids after a long day of skiing. The kids ran down a heated sidewalk, jumped into the steamy hot pool that looked out to view of the mountains, fancy indeed!

Mt. Washington Hotel
Route 302
Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

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