House Renovation: Granite Step & Plants in!

greg gets the step in!

front of house with step in

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. We worked on our gardens a bit. Greg finally got the granite step in. This time it’s not photoshopped. The step fits perfectly. I can’t believe we actually did it. The rock was a monster. In the second image our hydrangeas starting to sprout. We planted the hydrangeas and put in the granite pavers last fall.

My mom came down over the weekend and brought a few plants from her garden. I need a few more but we are off to a good start. I kinda wish I could snap my fingers and everything would be in bloom. Patience, katy. I need a flowering bush for the end of the garden. I’ve thought about lilacs, butterfly bushes, and lace cap hydrangeas. I have to keep looking around.

plants on side of yard

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We Bought a House!

Front of House

We bought a house in Marblehead, MA! We finally closed on the house this past Thursday. I am honestly still in shock and can’t believe that we own a home. The whole thing just doesn’t feel real.

“Me? I actually own a whole house?”

We feel so lucky. Check out the house on flickr here. The image below is of Marblehead Harbor on our first night. The harbor is just a few blocks down the street from our house.

Marblehead Harbor at Sunset

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