Welcome To 2012!

Happy New Year! We woke to sunshine and temperatures in the high 40’s! I hope everyone had a festive holiday and is feeling recharged and ready to take on the new year! Cheers to health, happiness and peace in 2012!

Above my New Year’s card I made at Pinhole Press. The photo is from a post about the seed stitch scarf I’m wearing.

Thank you to everyone for reading. I’m excited to share more adventures and house projects in the new year. My #1 goal is to finish the outside of the house which means: clapboarding part of the house, a new front door, painting, finishing the gardens, finishing the gutters/downspouts and hopefully a fancy cobble driveway!

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Handmade Cinnamom Heart Tied Gifts

Remember the cinnamon applesauce heart ornaments I made earlier this week? I used them to decorate my Christmas presents too! I wrapped each box in kraft paper, added a tag, tied two hearts onto each string, and tied the two strings together into a bow. Viola! So easy and festive. I love how simple and handmade each of the packages look. And they’re going to smell super amazing under the tree! A cute idea for Christmas and Valentine’s day gifts too!

Click here for full instructions to make Cinnamon Applesauce Hearts.

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