Design Inspiration From A Vegas Bathroom

Wondered where I’ve been? I just got back from a four-day work trip to Vegas. It was my first time to Sin City and I left feeling kinda like I didn’t ever need to go back. Vegas is fun but it’s odd at the same time. I stayed at the Wynn which is super fancy and gorgeous—I would totally recommend. Above the view from the 38th floor of my hotel room, amazing right?

When I travel I seem to be drawn to bathroom design the most. We need to renovate three bathroom in our house so I spend a lot of time thinking about design and smart solutions.

In the Wynn’s casino restrooms I saw fabric used as art. This isn’t a new design idea but just a good example of it done well. The frames didn’t contain glass which really allowed you see the texture of the crewel pieces. The fabric added a lot of depth and warmth. And I’m a sucker for bright bold fabrics but always kinda conflicted how to use them without them being too overwhelming. This idea is great for modern homes as well as more historic spaces like mine. I have a couple of really old linen pieces I would love to frame for little nooks in my house.

At the very bottom is my hotel bathroom. Double sinks are awesome and I loved the jacuzzi tub matched up to a stall. Instead of making the wall come straight down at the tub the glass is moved over using the space of the tub to add a bench, smart right? In terms of benches I give them a thumbs down. If a bench wasn’t matched up like this version I wouldn’t do it. I like big open spaces. And I’ve heard from a number of my blog readers that they can be really cold in northern climates and soap scum tends to build up in the cracks below them. Nonetheless I did enjoy my hotel bench when I was shaving my legs and letting the hot water rain down on me after a long day walking the trade show. ahh Vegas!

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Annabels House: White, Traditional, and Bathrooms Galore!

I’m not usually so heavy on large image posts. But I found so many ideas in this house Merry suggested in the comment section of my last post. Find a ton more photos of this awesome house at

Top Eleven Design Elements I Loved:
1. Sisal runner with a light graphic wallpaper in entryway.
2. Variations of cabinets in kitchen. To me the cabinets have a Shaker influence.
3. Every bathroom is gorgeous but simple. An efficient look that means I don’t have to renovate in another 10 years.
4. Under the tubs are small cabinets to store toilet paper, plunger etc…
5. Built in cabinets in bathroom. Saves space and makes the feel less sterile.
6. Large wood paneling in bathrooms with Shaker style pegs—modern but warm.
7. Interesting lighting choices.
8. Window looking into bedroom. Love how much light you gain in both spaces by doing this.
9. Wallpaper that doesn’t overwhelm but adds texture.
10. Pink living room—warm and not over the top feminine.
11. Simple landscaped backyard with garage. How great is the brick wall surrounding the space?

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