I started my blog in 2005 when I was looking for my first job out of college. My blog landed me a job at House & Garden magazine as their first web editor. My years in New York gave way to the opportunities of working at domino magazine and then Fit Pregnancy–a job I was able to do from home in Marblehead.

The past four years I have spent caring for my daughter and son.

If you started reading my blog in 2008 you would remember we bought a house built in 1750. The house needed(s) extensive renovations.

We did some big projects the first few years but after the birth of my daughter in 2012 we stopped. We worried about the health of our daughter. We closed up the areas of the house that needed the most work and decided to wait.

We could have moved out, bought another house, or taken out a monster loan to finish the house. We didn’t and we’ve been fine. Life has gone on and we had another kid. At times it hasn’t been easy but my complaints are superficial.

So this is a new beginning, a new blog and a new start. I hope it leads me down a new path I have yet to discover.

You can e-mail me: elliott.katy@gmail.com.

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