Brainstorming Nursery: Watery Pinks, Blues and Greens

You might be perplexed by these images and say to yourself, I thought she was planning a nursery? I realize none of these rooms are very kid-like but from each photo is a tiny bit of inspiration that will become the perfect space for my baby girl.

I could go a million directions with a nursery from rainbow modernist to more baby-themed motifs. But for some reason these are the images I keep coming back to that feel “right”. Watery pinks, blues and greens are colors you’ll see appear over and over in the house once it’s complete. Sometimes they’ll have a more traditional/formal nod and other times infusions of modern and scandinavian style cues. Below notes on what’s catching my eye. In the coming weeks (I’m 25 weeks!) how it will all come together.

Psst I’m pinning my favorite baby/kid ideas at

A collage created by Jane at Ill Seen, Ill Said a collection of image from Ochre and Stevan Alan spring 2011. Love the mix of color and texture

A rug in the apartment I rented in Provence this past spring. Sharon of The Marston House told me she would bring it back for me next Spring! Love the muted shades!

A peek of Nicolette Camille’s apartment as seen on Design*Sponge. Great wall color, mirror and hint of pink tapestry.

Another shot from Nicolette’s apartment. Beautiful snapshots she took of clouds. Love this idea for a children’s room.

The owners of Ochre’s Shelter Island home as featured in House Beautiful. Love the colors, mix of texture, rock water color painting and sky colored paneled paintings. I would like to find an old dresser to use as a changing table. Something about the color in the above cabinet really grabbed my eye.

Love this room from the book Rooms To Inspire By The Sea via Mrs. Blandings. I thought about building a bench so we can all have family reading time together. Love all the different stripes mixed together.

Spotted on this site, like the bed idea for when she older but also like the stripes now for a potential crib skirt.

A former blacksmith shop featured in the current issue of Country Living. Love the sage green painted floors. I need to put down new flooring in the nursery and like this idea against crispy walls and antique pieces.

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  1. Unsolicited advice: go with something in the purple family, and steer clear of yellows. Color theory and psychology has suggested that large amounts of yellow, even pale yellow, in a room aggravates the eyes and through that the nervous system- apparently making babies cry more and have more difficulty getting to sleep, and people fight more in yellow rooms, supposedly. Purple, on the other hand, particularly bluer/grayer purples, tend to help people get to sleep. Blues and greens are also calming because they require less work for our eyes to focus on (particularly green).


  2. @barbara stroud I forget to include a comment on this feed back to Kim.

    Utility Canvas is awesome. I know the owners from my college days and have quite the assortment of bags and clothes from them. Great stuff that really holds up well!


  3. @Kim – I cannot vouch for Utility Canvas enough! We have so many of their items and each one is fabulous. One in particular Katy may find useful is the Utility Canvas Floor Mats (to change your baby on, or to put on a surface that you want to keep him/her off of), I believe its 25″ x 37″. We use as arm covers on the sofa (dog sleeps on arm of sofa). They wash and dry easily!


  4. Dear Katy –
    This is going to be such a sophisticated nursery. I think the watery colors are perfect. So serene and lovely. Congratulations! Thanks for your email. Happy to re-discover your blog.
    Cheers from DC,


  5. I loooove how thoughtful these colors feel – I absolutely adore the idea of a unique nursery like that…the colors evoke the feelings calm and the various essence of a nursery but still retain the design integrity of your home and I think that’s amazing and genius!


  6. the nursery will be amazing! One lucky little girl. I love the color palette. I think nursery decorating is best when it’s instinctual rather than following “have-tos”. Juniper has a dark blue wall and funky clouds everywhere because it just spoke to me. I’m pretty sure my mom hates everything I chose and thinks it’s ungirly ;) Wish I could paint some floors!


  7. There’s something whimsical about (nursery)watery colors. They are fun, perfect as it could be, and that’s just beautiful.


  8. Beautiful colors! I’m a long-time reader but I don’t know if I’ve ever commented. Love your blog! I can’t wait to see what you do for a nursery.
    I noticed you were searching for a good diaper bag – I went through a bunch, and used an LL Bean tote for my daughter for a while. Then I found MZ Wallace bags and fell in love. So many pockets, some are made of microfiber so gunk wipes right off, and so many cute styles. Hope that helps!


  9. I like them all, and they’re all soothing environments which would be great for nurseries. Truth be told, they are ‘babies’ for so short of time….and we found that our daughter was a year before she actually used a crib (she’s was in a bassinet til then) and within months was ready for a real bed. So I say, decorate now for an easy transition into the kid years. And beautiful neutrals will work as he/she grows, and accomidate any siblings that might chance along later!


  10. Katie, I love your post! I too have worked hard to create spaces in our house that are comfortable for our children but also flow with the rest of the house. I found lots of inspiration in european sites and magazines, particularly from Spain and France. The rooms tend to be softer more muted colors and more visually restrained.

    On a side note did you perchance check out the OKL Barclay Butera sale today? They had the most amazing daybed that would be SO lovely in a child’s room: (hope this link works)

    Wishing you a great third trimester!


  11. really, truly beautiful inspiration. i would do a nursery just the same. can’t wait to see the process! xo