Inspired By Nightwood: Two-Tone Linen Sofa

A quickie post! I’m feeling inspired by Nightwood’s custom Parker Sofa in flax linen with a stripe linen bench cushion. The style feels perfect for my old house; I like soft lines and rumpled feel.

My mom gifted me a camel-back sofa when I bought the house. I remember buying it when I was in 4th grade for a house in Amherst, New Hampshire. It’s been reupholstered a couple times and came to me in this calico yellow.

I’m thinking a similar reupholstering job as this Parker Sofa I found on Nightwood’s site. I don’t plan on leaving the back bare of upholstery but I like the two-tone effect.

The sofa is for our first floor family room/soon-to-be office. Baby’s nursery will become our current office and we are transforming the first floor space to accommodate two desks, sofa, chairs, piano and ottoman. A few things like stripping the mantel and laying a new floor (it’s a nasty new floating floor) in the room need to be dealt with will probably be put on the back burner. But I can get rid of that old stove, paint the walls, throw down a rug, add in some furniture and hang some curtains.

Stay tuned for more…

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  1. I really love this idea. It takes a traditional piece and adds a contemporary twist.


  2. Love the rumpled look too, and think it would be great on yours! What an amazing house your baby will grow up in!


  3. Hmmm, I’m not usually a two tone kinda gal, but I’m liking the feel of that… I rather like the bottom fabric, something in a heavy flannel or linen would be exquisite… Great windows with wonderful light streaming in!