Soothing Greens And Antiques in WOI

I’ve been feeling a bit off this week and discouraged by the renovation. I’m overwhelmed and having a hard time imagining an end.

When I opened the February issue of World Of Interiors this morning my mood instantly brightened. A cloud had been lifted and I was inspired. The above and below photos are screen shots from the story “Jamb Packed” featuring a 1780 London town house owned by Jamb founder Will Fisher. Many of the contents in the home went up for auction on February 2nd. View all lots and information at

The whole house feels cool with an air of green. The rooms are minimally decorated with textiles and color but no piece overwhelms offering perfect balance and harmony. The sitting room above is striking. I have my eye on the s-curve armed sofa in the foreground. A printed arm chair pairs well with a bobbin turned chair.

The space recalls so many of my favorite spaces including Ben Pentreath’s sitting room with a gorgeous boxy yellow sofa and collection of scaled prints. And the room I first brainstormed with Lizzie Bailey when I first bought my house.

I guess taking my time renovating my home does offer me one luxury: time to figure out my own style and make thoughtful purchases. Below a few more rooms in the home plus, pieces featured at the Christie’s auction.

A bedroom with beautiful textile accents.

I love the arms on this sofa. The lines reminds me of Max Rollit’s sofa I spotted in Ben Pentreath’s parsonage.

An arts and crafts dining table with the perfect amount of patina.

A beautiful grand bathroom that reminds me I how much I love the look of simple interior shutters in place of curtains. The fish print is pretty darn cool too.

William IV Ebonised Sofa circa 1830-1840. The s-shaped back and arms about a rectangular seat with squab cushion on tapering legs with brass caps and castors, covered in olive green linen, restorations40 in. high; 83 in. wide; 34 in. deep via

A George IV Convex Giltwood Mirror, Circa 1830, 20 7/8 in. diameter via

A Pair Of Victorian Walnut Armchairs By Howard & Sons, circa 1880. Re-covered covered in blue printed cotton fabric with ‘H&S’ monogram, the brass cap castors stamped ‘HOWARD & SONS LONDON’ 32½ in. high; 37 in. wide; 28 in. deep via

A George IV Bobbin-Turned Oak Bergere
Circa 1820-30 With caned seat 35 in. high; 23 in. wide; 25½ in. deep via

Kantha an embroidered cotton antique quilt from Bengal c.1900 via

The interior images above are screen grabs from my digital edition of World of Interiors which can be purchased through

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  1. I love the dining room; the lights, furniture, flowers… and the green is a calming beautiful colour.

    Love your blog Katie always really inspiring…your house is going to look wonderful.

    I am a big WOI fan too. I did a bit of work experience there years ago now – it is a wonderful publication. I always find it such a treat x


  2. Having restored two houses, I can really feel your mood: What a long road ahead!; But take into account this is February!!! and that will contribute so much to the blues!! Secondly have you thought of Just working on one room instead of the bones of the whole place. Your house will evolve forever, take one room and quickly spruce and paint it up. It could be your bedroom, or one of the not so main rooms, years down the road you might do it again, but for now it will give you an oasis of calm and finish. If you paint any of those rooms with a white primer then anything can and will go over it. And loosen the reigns on perfection. Life is about living in the wonderful house, not making it too precious…. But you probably have already figured this all out any way. tell us your next small plans, that make a BIG difference. Hugs from a warm climate.


  3. Glad Zinio worked out. I have both an iPad and. Kindle Fire and altho’ I still buy lots of print mags, reading them online is warming on me!


  4. I can see why these images perked you up. I especially love the near mirror image of the fire and matching chair in the room adjacent to the living room. I had to make sure that was a doorway, and not a giant mirror!

    Question about WOI. Did you subscribe? Or were you able to find it at a local newsstand (does Spirit of ’76 carry mags?)

    Thanks a bunch and chin up – your home and blog are spectacular.


  5. and I personally am not sure about skulls, even deer skulls. I’m attracted and repelled at the same time. So that giant skull in front of the fireplace is a bit too much skull for me.


  6. I’m a fairly long time reader, and the minute I saw that first image I thought how much it has so many of the elements that you keep bringing to the fore. I see so much of you in all of these images, so if you keep at it with a bit of patience it will appear gently before your eyes.


  7. As soon as I saw your new post I immediately thought “Now that’s a Katie room”! I love your blog and have been following a long time and you inspire so many. I know the end result of your renovation will be stunning :) Karen from NH


  8. Take heart! I, too, am inspired by your restoration. You are not only creating an amazing home for yourself, but you are also rescuing an antique. You live in my favorite part of the U.S., so I enjoy reading about your life in New England. I’m currently exiled in the mountain west, and it is a pleasure to visit the east coast via your blog!


  9. These rooms are so dreamy and restful! They look so timeless, i just want to settle in with a book. Im sorry to hear the renovations have gotten you down. I, alas, will probably always dream of a beautiful old home and that’s about it. I just dont know if its in the cards for us, and we’re remarkably unhandy :)I so enjoy reading about your home adventures, and I’m glad you’re feeling more upbeat! Every artistic endeavor has its highs and lows, I imagine remaking a home is no different. You’ll be inspired and motivated again soon!~


  10. Sometimes the waiting and wishing that you could have finished space that looks like your inspiration images gets old and it feels like it will never happen (I know all about that one!). But you have been so careful and thoughtful about your choices that it will all come together at the end. I think these images confirm those earlier decisions and add food to your thought process. Try not to let their beauty get you down!


  11. These photos are really beautiful – hopefully the inspiration helps you get over the renovation doldrums. I love your blog and think that in the end your home will be amazing. You have such a good eye for quality and craftsmanship, that I can’t imagine it being anything short of lovely. Even the small glimpses you’ve shared are really fantastic. You inspire me. Sincerely, Tara N. (a long-time reader).


  12. the quilt is amazing! i love the cool greens, too. i wish i could start over. right now we’re stuck with mid-century oranges, greys, and browns, which i’m feeling worse than ambivalent about. i would love to figure out a way to change my home’s mood without re-upholstering the sofa.