Diy: Nautical Stripe Yarn Bracelets

I’ve had this yarn bracelet craft pinned to my bulletin board for years to make as Christmas gifts from Martha Stewart Living. With a lot of extra yarn on my hands from knitting projects gone wrong; I decided to make a few with a red, white, navy nautical feel. When I was working on the project I came across a version for sale on Chance’s website, great minds think a like!

I picked up cheap acrylic bangles at local church thrift stores for $1-$2 each. I had Cascade 220 wool yarn on hand which gives the bracelets a fuzzy look. Think about using cotton if you want the to wear the bracelets year around or want less fuzz. Be aware not to pick a yarn that gauge is too small (you’ll be wrapping forever) or too large—super bulky would just be too thick.

1. First, pick your first color and gather the yarn into a small ball. Tie a knot onto the bracelet and leave a long tail.

2. Wrap the yarn around the bracelet making sure to keep the strands even and tight; keep the first long tail exposed.

3. To change colors tie the two yarns together in a tight knot. The tighter the knot the smaller the bump. Trim the ends leaving two long tails.

4. Start wrapping with the second yarn to create tension. Drape the tails on the inside edge of the bracelet. Wrap the yarn over the tails. Hopefully the small knot will be the only evidence of a color change. Continue to wrap and change colors as you like.

5. When you reach the end secure the working yarn onto the long strand you have left dangling from when you first tied on. I clipped the ends and applied fabric glue on the knot and ends so they wouldn’t unravel. Don’t butt the two ends too close together. You want the knot to have some room to nest between the yarns and blend in.

I really like the larger bangles because the colors are so striking and you can wear just one. The color possibilities are endless, I’m thinking something with canary yellow next. Hope you enjoy making them!

p.s. Martha has a slightly different technique for making them. Click over to her website to view her instructions and a video.

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  1. Holy moly cow. These are so great! And I want the red striped shirt in the picture too. This seems like a great project to do in front of bad TV. Thanks!


  2. These are absolutely gorgeous! Such striking pattern and strong colors. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and easy-to-do project.


  3. Love these! We have ridiculously similar taste. I’ll be making these with my daughters. Btw, it’s so funny that you linked to “Things I Love: Grey and Blue Stripes,” under the related posts. I remember that that’s exactly how I found this blog to begin with however long ago. I was looking for something on grey stripes and it popped up in google. So funny …