Make A Holiday Wreath

The thing I like most about the holidays is making gifts and decorating. I’m not into fussy things and I try to keep it simple. I made a wreath for my front door at the Christmas Workshop at Snug Harbor Farm in Maine over the weekend.

To start we cut tree trimmings into smaller pieces. Tony showed us how to arrange the greens and tightly wrap the stems onto a round wire frame. The key to a good wreath is keeping the floral wire tight. He recommended holding the wreath in your left hand, keeping the wire spool short, wrapping the wire around the frame and then allowing the coil to drop to the table. Dropping the heavy wire spool locks the greens into place. Give the wire a little tug and then continue to layer greens as you move around the frame.

I’ve always had a problem with the sides flopping out like wings on my wreaths. Going tighter made a huge difference. I added winterberry, boxwood, and eucalyptus into my wreath. The winterberries are so happy and festive.

I hung the wreath on my front door Sunday afternoon and layered greens, winterberry and boxwood in the urn planter next to my front step. I don’t think I’ve ever had my holiday decorations up so early! Below snapshots from my day.

Barn at Snug Harbor Farm where where I took the wreath class.

Tony showing us how to create steps and negative space in a wreath.

Bundles of winter berry, boxwood and eucalyptus for our wreathes.

A snapshot my wreath in progress.

My wreath with touches of winterberry, boxwood, and eucalyptus.

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  1. Katy, this is one of the all-time favorites I’ve seen in a wreath. Gorgeous blend. It came together beautifully. Any possibility of a DIY from you before I tackle it on my fumble-fingered own?


  2. Just beautiful and I can just imagine how great it smells! wonderful! Love your blog, look so forward to all of your posts!


  3. your wreath came out beautifully and what an amazing way to spend a Saturday! I was imagining how amazing it must have smelled in that old barn with the fresh greens everywhere and the crisp Maine air. ::sigh:: it was almost like being there :)


  4. What a beautiful post! That barn space off the shop is so charming it’s ridiculous. I really want to get up there with my tripod to try to capture it. Try to.


  5. i have a whole bag of greens from my visit home. planning to make own mini wreath today! your shots from the class are beautiful.