Fall New England Favorites

Pumpkins have been popping up above front doors all over town. Greg and I were joking if the “pumpkin above the front door” idea came from homeowners tired of their pumpkins getting smashed?

Above and below a selection of fall-themed posts from my past four years in Marblehead—I can’t believe it. A few places I love to visit and recipes to warm your bellies. Click on each link for more info and photos. Enjoy!

Old Burial Hill is one of my favorite places in Marblehead. Beautiful gravestones and a gorgeous view of the sea.

Decorate your mantel with gourds, bittersweet and a fresh leaf wreath.

Make pumpkin cookies with brown butter icing for your Halloween bash.

Have you ever tried to making homemade doughnuts? I made an Apple Cider version and they were pretty darn delicious!

Golden Seagrass in IpswichHead up to Ipswich for a walk in the golden seagrass. It’s absolutely stunning in late October.

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  1. These photos are incredible. Could they be any more Halloween-y? That house painted black — wow!

    OK, I must pin…


  2. These are beautiful images (and great ideas!), Katy. I especially love all of the detailing that went into colonial gravestones–beautiful and only slightly eery.


  3. Love these! Especially those cookies! BTW, did you see one of the In Style editors listed you as her favorite blog in their latest issue? That’s super cool!


  4. Old Burial Hill is too cool! Those Puritans were too funny! I love reading the epitaphs. My Favorite one:
    All you that doth my grave pass by,
    As you are now so once was I,
    As I am now so you must be,
    Prepare for death and follow me.

    This is so perfect for Halloween. Thank you, Katy!