Book: The Art of Instruction

I’m always on the hunt for books my design friends and their kids can enjoy together. Beautiful colors, drawings and educational; The Art of Instruction: Vintage Educational Charts from the 19th and 20th Centuries represents the decade long collection of Katrien Van der Schueren owner of Viola! gallery. Large-scale wall charts were once used as teaching tools in Europe during the late 1800’s to the 1920’s. Over 100 are reproduced into two collections, botany and zoology. I’m fascinated by each plate and kinda want to buy two copies—one to enjoy and the second to cut up and frame. Below a few of my favorites. The book is available through for $35.

Images Courtesy of Chronicle Books.

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  1. My old school had loads of different ‘skol-planscher’ as we in Sweden call them :) They were nearly 100 years old and my teacher really enjoyed using them. Wish I had them all on our walls at home!
    Thank you for bringing back memories.


  2. Katie, these are stunning! Thanks for posting them. I’ve sent the link to people I know who teach visual arts and computer graphics and who are always on the lookout for great information visualization examples.


  3. I think the black ones are just stunning. You run across them every now and then on ebay and etsy, some are newer (’60s and ’70s) and they usually have some damage which I think adds to the appeal. I ran into one on etsy a while back from the 1800s like the one you showed at the Marston House for $175 and I could kick myself for not buying it. Marston House wanted $1600 for theirs.