8mm Style On My Phone

This is too darn cute, right? With over 500,000 apps on the market I have a hard time sifting through the good and bad. The 8MM app is fun ($1.99) and perfect for the Instagram crowd—an app that applies polaroid style filters to photos. I shot this video on Sunday at Fort Sewall in Marblehead. You can turn the sound on/off and choose different style film from Noir, 60’s to Siena. Download the video to your iphoto library, e-mail or post instantly to youtube.

Discovered via The Little House In The City

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  1. hello Katy !
    Nice video ! I like the music,I have played this song on my piano ! It is the film music of the ” blue lagoon ” with Brooke Shields ,did you know that ?



  2. I finally joined the iPhone crowd last month so any and all app recommendations are welcome! Definitely getting this one!


  3. You’re killin’ me! I already hate that my droid doesn’t allow for instagram photos, but now this?! darn droid.