My Day At Terrain

Styer’s garden cafe

On Tuesday I was invited to a blogger event at Terrain in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. Owned by parent company Urban Outfitters; Terrain is a garden center, cafe and home store. I spent hours strolling the property checking out beautiful unusual plants. The attention to detail and design is incredible.

Above a snapshot inside the year around cafe. The flowers and light tangle together creating an out this world lunch experience. Around the corner a store featuring gardening, cooking and home accessories completes the experience. Follow a path out to the gardens and be lost for hours in the rows of plants.

In the afternoon we made terrariums using this glass hanging orb and collection of plants found in their nursery. The one I made has a violet, maiden hair fern and a pink polka dot plant which is good for a house without a lot of sun. Maybe I’ll stick it on a bookshelf?

I had a hard time editing down my photos because the store is so beautiful and so many of you have already e-mailed me asking for photos and how my trip went…I hope you enjoy and hopefully you can take a trip to visit too!

914 Baltimore Pike
Glen Mills, PA

Tables layered with containers and plants are scattered throughout the property.

A wall of coleous caught my eye.

Gorgeous and unusual stripe petunia combination.

Echinacea glowing in the afternoon sun.

A wall outside the cafe covered with grain funnels.

The cafe during lunchtime.

A view of the ceiling of the greenhouse cafe.

The terrarium room inside the store filled with containers and plants.

Painted canvas hanging over our heads during the terrarium class.

The terrarium I made.

A table at the entrance displaying a fall color story.

Shade perennials and cottage where I got a facial!

A beautiful display of sedum.

Giant leaves inside the store.

Books, tabletop and plants displayed inside the store.

A large container with echinacea and a view inside the store.

*Full disclosure: I was invited by Terrain to attend the event. I was NOT asked to write a post. I am happy to help promote the store because they’re amazing. I have purchased a number of products previous to my visit and have been extremely happy with their customer service and quality.

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  1. Hi Linda,

    Terrain is a blast!

    The group of bloggers was selected as individuals to come to the press event. Not as specific defined group

    Good luck with your blog!



  2. Hi Katy,
    I’ve been following your blog and I live near Terrain! Isn’t a great place! I’m glad you got there.

    Can you tell me the name of the blogger group as I want to begin to blog about my work.

    BTW, we used to live in Manchester, MA – I loved living right on the coast and we went to Rockport all the time. What a neat little village.

    Thanks for your posts! Linda


  3. I wish Terrain would do the same for customers…perhaps a random selection of customers…


  4. how lovely!

    I love Terrain, just went there this week and found the perfect present! I could live there I swear. We recently moved back to this area after living in Portland Maine (to be closer to family while we figure out going back to school + a new baby), and whenever I am homesick for Portland I go to Terrain. It’s a real pick-me-up. It’s like horticultural yoga for the eyes! lol

    love your hat! saw it there and was very tempted… might have to go back and get it as a gift for self! glad you had fun in this area and in Philly! say hi to New England for me!


  5. It’s my absolute favorite local place, and I go whenever I need calm. I’m sorry we missed each other in Philly, would have loved to have met you. Next time :)


  6. Sandy,

    Thanks for the comment. I included the disclosure because I want to be up front and honest. I don’t attend events of companies I don’t believe in and/or want to learn more about. Terrain is such a special place with an amazing talented staff and I felt honored to be invited. I was overjoyed to be able to share this experience with my readers and spread the word.


  7. You must be famous getting invited to all these blogger events!

    Great photos as always. Love the striped petunias.


  8. So, did they happen to mention if there are any plans to open another Terrain store any time soon? Perhaps in, oh, I don’t know, Brooklyn? That would be a dream come true. Love Terrain.


  9. We all do know what a fan of Terrain you have been, Katy! That aside, I do think it’s a shame the way in which Terrain has chosen to advertise and woo bloggers bringing them in for lavish events. We had a good laugh over the twitter fest the other evening coming from Terrain. Spa treatments, fancy dinner, terrariums. As a local and one who has spent a pretty penny on all those things there, some respect for them is sadly lost.


  10. I am sort of having heart palpitations looking at your photos – love them! I’d go crazy in that store…