Recipe: My Favorite Lobster Roll

I devoured three lobster rolls yesterday and said to myself, This is livin’. A lobster roll encompasses everything I love about summer. It’s salty brine flavor with a touch of lemon, dill and mayo are uncomplicated and blissful. I’ve made lobster rolls twice already this month. Greg and I had a round on 4th of July and I made 10 more to watch the start of the Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race on Sunday. I prefer the buns to be toasted with butter but if your headed out for a picnic either leave the lobster salad and roll separate and fill when your ready or fill and pack in a chilled cooler.

First off I don’t make huge lobster rolls. I would rather have two then one with overflowing meat. I got 10 rolls out of 6 1 ¼ lb lobsters. I would guestimate that’s about ½ lb per roll. I don’t make an exact recipe because it’s really to your taste and depends on how much meat you have. Just don’t go crazy. Keep it light and simple.

Basic Ingredients
lobster meat
a lemon
fresh dill
split top rolls

You can buy lobster meat pre-shucked but it’s a lot way more fun to boil them yourselves. Get a big pot of water up to rolling boil and drop them in for about 10 minutes per pound; add 6 minutes for each additional pound. I cooked my 1 ¼ lobsters for about 12 minutes. Pull them out of the water with tongs when they’re bright red and rinse with cool water. Shuck the meat into a bowl and add lemon, dill, and mayo. When I made the lobster rolls for Sunday’s race; I boiled and shucked them the night before and added everything else just minutes before we left. You don’t want your meat getting too weighed down by the mayo. The fresher the better! Enjoy!

p.s. we also had lobster rolls for New Year’s Eve. Some say the meat is sweeter in the winter! Maybe because it’s reminds us of summer?

Lobster claw meat.

Lobster meat from 6 lobsters.

Fresh dill and lemon to add.

All mixed up and waiting for the mayo.

Filled split top rolls for boating.

Greg devouring a lobster roll on boat.

Bella PITA approaching first mark

VAMP and LILLA rounding the first mark.

Whisper approaching first mark.

Me eating my lobster roll.

A short video of sailboat tacking to make mark.

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  1. these look absolutely delicious! i’ve never tried to cook lobsters myself, but it’s a goal of mine to accomplish before the end of the summer. thanks for sharing!


  2. Yum!!! Love a good lobster roll, especially so with chunks of ripe strawberries + fresh ground black pepper instead of dill. You should try it … really brings out the sweet flavor in the lobster meat


  3. These look so fresh and delicious! (Lovely photos too.) I am literally salivating right now. I haven’t had a good lobster roll in almost 2 years — one of the main things I miss about my old New England life. But I live in Maryland now, so at least we have good crab… a half-decent consolation prize!


  4. I’m assuming that’s Greg with the huge grin! He looks so upset you keep making him eat lobster rolls! I live on the Chesapeake Bay, I think I would give up soft shells for
    lobster rolls – it’s a tough choice though. :)


  5. And for a great lobster roll when you’re on the road, try the one at Bob’s Clam Hut on Route 1 in Kittery, Maine!


  6. Mhead Lobster will cook them for you for .50! Love that when it gets hot and steamy here.

    Did you leave from the BYC? I thought I saw you down there….great start!


  7. Oh. my. goodness. I have really been wanting to make homemade lobster rolls, and I think you’ve given me the inspiration to do it! Soon. Thank you.