Boxy Sofa with Pillows

Ben Pentreath’s living room

About a month ago I mentioned a few sofa shapes I’ve been eyeing as potentials for my den. Everyone seemed to be split on the boxy shapes I was suggested. Some found it to be really interesting and simple; others thought it looked way to stiff and uncomfortable. On Ben Pentreath’s blog this morning I spotted the exact sofa I’m in love with adorned with beautiful printed pillow surrounding the backside. Everything about this room is perfect! I want it all: the chairs, ottomans, lamps, tables…so warm and inviting!

We have a sofa right now with really comfy back cushions. More often then not we throw them on the floor when we want to cuddle together. I never put pillows on the sofas because it just adds to the clutter. I guess that’s why I’m more keen to this look and I like the idea of cuddling in the corner of a high arm. I can choose semi-firm pillows and a beautiful array of prints (I have a textile obsession) and fill the back side, right? And hopefully they won’t end up on the floor!

I still need to find a sofa I can afford. Be on the look out for boxy shapes with really pretty legs—vintage or not—around 72″ And be sure to check out Ben’s lovely shop and blog too!

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  1. I love this sofa — for you and Ben too.

    Ben, what a glorious living room.

    Katy, I was in John Derian the other day and fell in love with a new completely rectangular sofa they have now. It was upholstered in dark gray linen, tufted, and $4,000. It was low to the ground, though, no legs if I remember, so probably not the look you are going after. (It seemed kind of mid-century and whisky-influenced.)


  2. My experience with a sofa like this is make sure it’s long enough for you to lay down on. We had a boxy sofa that was on the shorter end (like 72″) and it was extremely uncomfortable when you wanted to sprawl out and watch a movie or TV – no good spot to put your head.) Dealing with that for two years made me swear to only buy rounded arm sofas from now on.


  3. Dear Katy – how funny that you’ve been stalking the amazing Max Rollitt sofa (which, incidentally, also features on the cover of the Michael Smith Houses book…)

    I love my sofa. It was completely right for the room. One of my rules being, you can’t fight a bad sofa (or a bad carpet).

    And, as I always say to people – it’s not as uncomfortable as it looks. At all! Ben


  4. We have a boxy sofa and I really like being able to arrange the pillows behind my back however I want, and I like having the option to put all kinds of combinations of pillows together. I actually find the sofa more comfortable than a regular one for that reason. We got our sofa three years ago at Pottery Barn. The model is called Camden, but I’m pretty sure that they don’t make it anymore…so that info isn’t of any use to you. It’s not my dream boxy couch, but it’s pretty good and it was a steal, so that sealed the deal. I would definitely say that if you get a boxy couch and it comes w/ large pillows….and they are filled w/ polyester….switch the poly inserts for down. We had poly-filled ones that came w/ the couch and that WAS uncomfortable because they were movable but didn’t conform to the position you were in, if that makes sense….


  5. Katy,

    Your blog is always wonderful. I rarely comment (does that make me a “lurker”?), but check it often. And, thank you for introducing me to Ben Pentreath’s blog…also great. (His country kitchen is one of my all-time favorites.)



  6. Love, love, love this sofa shape (and color). Personally I find them super comfy because you can sit with your back against the sides, almost like a chaise lounge. Hope you fine one Katy!


  7. LOVE this! I was just looking at this shade of golden yellow for drapes yesterday. You might have sold me a little further.

    As for the sofa, I love the shape, but I’m one of those pesky people who likes to snuggle into the crook of a sofa. That said, I only have one sofa and one living room, so this would work in a more formal space if you have loungier alternatives elsewhere!


  8. Maybe I should mention? The room I’m proposing this for won’t be a tv watching room. We have another room on the first floor next to kitchen for that. I can use the super comfy more man sofa I already have for that room.

    I want a really sweet, private room for reading and relaxing by the fire.


  9. Okay, from a guy’s perspective, it’s lovely and all but I want to plop down on the sofa with my head on one arm and my feet on the other. This one ain’t gonna work for that.

    But it is a great room, comfortable looking and not too fussy. I would want a new lampshade; it detracts from the pillows.


  10. i share your boxy sofa obsession! i too have been jones-ing for a shape like this that is within my financial stratosphere. the rollitt is crazy expensive. anthro has the ditte sofa which is cheaper but still in “fuggeddaboudit” territory at $4K. if you find one do post about it!
    love your blog btw!