Packaging 101 With Sally + Joke

My final post from my PDX trip! After Chelsea’s flower class in the am section of Summer School I signed up for Packaging 101 with Sally and Joke. I learned all kinds of tricks from these ladies including how to:

-Make your own stickers using a Xyron (ordering one pronto for my nieces). I made the dots from vellum and then into stickers using the Xyron.
-Making decorative flags using cute Japanese decorative tape and toothpicks.
-Creating your own cards and wrapping paper from designs you create on the computer.
-Paint stripes on a muslin bag to make a simple gift a little snazzier.
-And paint a message like “happy birthday or thank you” on paper to wrap a gift or a bouquet of flowers.

These ladies are incredibly clever and creative. The best part? They’re kinda geeky about their tools. Sally and Joke had amazing tactics for each project and I got the feeling they had tried each of the projects a zillion times figuring out the best and simplest way to achieve it. Love that passion! I just saw on Sally’s blog she will be teaching another class in July in Portland. Sign up early!

Stickers I made using the Xyron and flag using the decorative tape.

Papers and designs from Sally

Hand-painted wrapping paper with custom message from Joke

Packaging 101 classroom in Portland, Oregon

Danielle from BDRstudio painting stripes on her bag, love that neon pink!

My custom message on paper. The neon paint didn’t really work out as planned but you get the concept, right? If you look above at Joke’s examples you’ll notice white and purple look really good on brown paper and white on black paper.

Joke’s idea board. Love this shot because it shows the hundreds of bike racks and bikers I saw in Portland, really cool!

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  1. That looks like a great class to take! You are so fortunate to have gone to Portland. My brother lives there and I love it! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.