My First Poppy Blooms

Exciting things are happening in my garden this week: my first poppy bloomed! I planted this bright red beauty the first summer we moved in three years ago in August. The leaves came up every summer but I never got blossoms. Finally this spring my patience was rewarded with six different buds.

What I’ve learned about Poppies is they take time, they can lie dormant for years and suddenly appear. But once they’re established they can spread rapidly. To help this process along allow the seed pod to decompose. Some gardeners break the pod up and scatter or just let this process happen naturally.

Poppies are available in different shades of red, pink, orange and white. I planted a pink Helen Elizabeth bareroot last fall but unfortunately it didn’t come up this year. I really want to get my hands on Papaver orientale Louvre (white) and maybe a Papaver Patty’s Plum?

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  1. I think somehow it almost makes it better when a plant blooms after waiting for so long. I have a tempermental wisteria I will now be going on year 4 over after another let down this spring. The vine is huge though and when it finally blooms there will be FB photos galore!


  2. Ha ha! I just posted a few of those Papaver orientales on my plant wish list. Poppies herald the true start of summer.