Melon and Almond Blanket

I’ve been a bit smitten, obsessed, o.k. looking for a non-bloggy word…Love! I’m joking but I guess I’m feeling a bit sassy for a Monday. But seriously guys…how great is this linen/cotton day blanket from Brahms Mount in Maine?

It’s been on my list for over a year to make a road trip up to Hallowell, Maine to visit Brahms Mount’s mill and check out the town…I promise this summer it will happen! Till then check out their website and oogle over this blanket. I think it’s the melon color that’s gettin’ me…reminds me of the beautiful Bennison fabric I was talking about last week…

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  1. Thank you Katy – and all your readers -for your wonderful comments about our Ombre Day Blanket!
    You have a great site, love the photos of the restoration project and the rhubarb galette!
    Please do visit when you come to Hallowell – not only to see us but all the shops in town.
    We can even give you a tour of the mill with a bit of lead time.
    Brahms Mount


  2. I have their striped linen hand towels and they are awesome. I love just about everything they make. I think they have a factory store too.