Maybe It Was A Squirrel?

We have a few corrections to share. We’re pretty sure that thing we found in the ceiling was a squirrel not a rat. It makes more sense; squirrels nest and we have a problem in our neighborhood. I’m certainly happier saying we found a giant mummified squirrel in our ceiling rather then a giant rat.

Correction two! The holes we found in this door: not bullet holes. Our imagination got away from us and we were for sure an intruder came into the house and the owner shot at the door! My brother who is an antique gun expert said, “No way”. No gun would leave a spray like that. He suggested maybe it was a dartboard. Ok that makes more sense, right?

We still haven’t taken down the wall to find out if we have 18th century cooking equipment and andirons sealed up inside. Greg is concerned about wrecking the tin ceiling and we really don’t need another mess! Stay tuned for more…

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  1. Even stranger — you have a brother, and he’s an antique gun expert! Who knew?!


  2. The holes in the door are wormholes–probably dormant for a long time. We have the same holes in our window trim (1902 Victorian) and the Orkin dude confirmed it–Nobody was throwing darts at the baywindow the living room.


  3. Bless you! We had multiple squirrels in our attic when we returned from our honeymoon last fall. They were a royal pain in the butt. $800 later we had the squirrels (and the bats that they discovered while trapping the squirrels) removed and our house sealed shut.


  4. Squirrel makes much more sense. My parents have an antique on the Cape and during one of their renos, they found like 150 pounds of acorns between the ceiling joists.


  5. Oh definitely a dart board! My basement door has the same spray of holes and the dart board was still hanging on it when we bought our house.