Gardens & Flowers Spotted in PDX

Garden on Mississippi Avenue

I’m back from Portland, Oregon! On my trip I was fascinated with the gardens I saw exploding in the front yards of bungalows and down onto the sidewalks. Layers of color and texture reminded me of English cottage gardens—the palettes alive with amazing yellow, oranges and bright pinks. The gardens incorporated a lot of different grasses breaking up the texture and created a rustling sounds in the breeze. So different then traditional perennial gardens we see in New England.

I popped into Pastils Nursery on Mississippi Avenue to discover neon ornamental grasses, night phlox and Spanish Lavender—the ornamental heads are really cute! Chickens and turkeys roaming the nursery making you feel like your at a country home rather then the city.

p.s. the million dollar question: What is the pink flower I kept seeing in Portland. Is it a butterfly bush? But the blossoms don’t cluster in the same shape? Hmm any ideas? I think we have a winner! I think it’s Jupiter’s Beard or Centranthus ruber! Thanks Marissa for the help in the comments section.

Pistils Nursery
3811 N. Mississippi Ave.
Portland, OR

Gardens spotted in the neighborhood near Mississippi Avenue

Garden on Mississippi Avenue

Jupiter’s Beard growing out a wall on Mississippi Avenue

Spanish Lavender spotted in a garden (left) and at Pistils Nursery

Night Phlox at Pistils Nursery

Orange Sedge and Japanese Blood Grass at Pistils Nursery

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  1. So *that’s* what those pink flowers are! I’m currently living in Portland and I’ve wondered about them, too. Thanks for solving the mystery!


  2. I am always jealous of Portland’s gardens! It seems they just throw things and they sprout up anew! In our rocky clay mountain soil it takes constant work: pests, rust, wilt – on and on. Jealous I tell ya!


  3. Wow, this is just one more reason for me to get out to Oregon! These are so cottage garden-like, but like you said, they have a NW twist that it hard to describe. Beautiful!


  4. Oh, Portland is gorgeous this time of year! Here in Colorado, we have a short growing season. All that Oregon rain does good things. I just found your blog. I like it!


  5. I’ve never seen Jupiter’s Beard here in the Northeast but I don’t know why we couldn’t grow it. I think the thing you liked about it the most though was seeing on hillside gardens. It says that it will grow in little soil. Pokes out from small holes in bricks or concrete walls. I’ll check the local nursery here.


  6. I think the flowers you are thinking of are called Jupiters Beard (Red Valerian). I have them all over my yard, I love them!