Flower School with Chelsea from {Frolic!}

A beautiful cabbage rose in my bouquet

When I was out in Porland, Oregon I attended Summer School hosted by a group of super talented bloggers. In my morning session I learned how to arrange a garden bouquet with Chelsea from {frolic!}.

At the beginning of class Chelsea explained best flower practices (tips below), each of the flowers we would be using and how to make our own floral frog using chicken wire. We watched as she effortlessly put together a bouquet. She began with the greens and added pink cabbage roses and peonies. She talked about creating swooping lines and working with the flower’s natural shape. In a few minutes her arrangement took shape. The end result was a beautiful garden bouquet that felt completely natural, effortless and had it’s own individual character.

A few tips I learned
Pick flowers from your garden in the morning or the evening
Always give your flowers a fresh cut at a 45 degree angle
Add bleach to the water and remember to bleach your clippers as well
Remove all leaves below the water level
Make a floral frog with chicken wire
And use floral tape over the top of the container to secure the flowers

My bouquet ended up being a little wild and bountiful. I think I used too many greens. It looked like a English cottage garden in a container. I really like Chelsea’s style because the flowers are center stage. She achieves this look by grouping roses in threes or odd numbers and composing the arrangement into a s-shape to draw your eye around. I have to keep practicing. Below photos from the class.

Flowers for the class

Chelsea teaching the flower class

My container with a floral frog and floral tape

Chelsea finishing up her bouquet

Snapshots from class including Miss Design*Sponge; love her expression!

My bouquet

Chelsea teaching a student, love the look of, Oohh I get it!

Amy from D*S took a photography class with Lisa Warninger and showed me how to reflect light onto my bouquet using a whiteboard.

Another shot of my flowers in my hotel room.; I did a little fluffing and rearranging

Another bouquet from Chelsea

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  1. Aww, I wanted to take the flower class too. It looked like a ton of fun. Love your bouquet Katy!!!

    Amy and her white board! Haha… she was an instant expert with that board.



  2. You made a lovely arrangment! I’m a little jealous I couldn’t go – but I’m so glad you wrote about your experience!


  3. Looks like heaven to me! I love it when immature blueberries are used in bouquets. They’re little puckers are so sweet.