Early Summer In Marblehead

Warm muggy days and cool nights; I slip into my bed and pull up my beloved down comforter. Roses, foxgloves and clematis are in full bloom all over town. Long days make room for walks at the beach after work. I love you summer.

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  1. I just moved back to Massachusetts from the Palm Beach area–your photos capture the beauty of spring in a way that I really missed while away. (Although South Florida is pretty amazing, too…) Thanks for posting!


  2. I wish I was in Marblehead now. or Maybe even Beverly, or even My home town of Gulford Conn. But Im down under in Winter and gloomy short days. Wouldnt it be lovely to slip from hemisphere to hemisphere each time the weather warmed up. The blues are so reminiscent for me, thanks for your post of nostalgia for this yankee in the sunburnt land


  3. Your photos captured a lovely summer stroll through the neighborhood. I was happily transported if momentarily there, I could even smell the salty sea. Happy Summer.