Brick Driveway with Hosta Border

Spotted in Salem, Massachusetts over the weekend a beautiful brick driveway with a hosta border. The building in the back could be a guest house or a workshop? We’ve gone back and forth on what to do with our driveway. I lean towards brick and Greg likes cobble but definitely no peagravel.

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  1. Margot,

    I hear ya brick and cobble are expensive. But I’m in a historic district and they’re my only options besides just leaving it dirt.

    Were not choosing peagravel because it is hard to shovel and it’s really dusty. From friends who have it they complain of a film all over their wood floors. They have to dry mop everyday to keep it clean. And if you don’t put something under the peagravel it can be a weed nightmare!


  2. Hi Katy, funny that this post drew me in about one topic yet the second topic from the comments is also relevant in my case. Here’s the deal – the driveway at our city place is a mess – ages old black asphalt that’s breaking up. Love the look of brick bur pretty sure it’s not im the budget because we are renovating our second home (the work of two is one thing – the $$ quite another). So I was actually thinking of doing a pea gravel drive. I like them. Downside – tough to shovel in winter in Toronto!


  3. Love that little carriage house. What a great studio it would make!

    I love both brick and cobble. I can’t decide either. You have peagravel (or clam shells) at your oceanfront summer home in Maine! The best of both worlds!


  4. SO glad you have decided against the peagravel. I love brick or cobblestone…we probably opt to brick ours but seeing as though we’ll be putting the house on the market within the year (we think), that’s sort of last on our to-do list! ;)