Mint In A Pot

I planted a few herbs in my garden over the weekend: dill, verbena, rosemary and mint. Mint is one my favorites to use on top of granola and yogurt for breakfast and in my favorite summer cocktails. You have to be careful when planting mint because it’s terribly invasive. The plant sends out runners that can quickly take over a garden. A solution I’ve learned from other gardeners is to plant the mint in a terracotta pot and sink it in the ground and back fill with soil. Pull the pot up a few times a summer to make sure no runners have made it out the bottom or the top of the pot. In the fall pull the pot out of the ground and bring indoors.

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  1. Congratulations on your marriage and new baby. Such exciting times for you.

    I’m happynto see you back on line… I missed your blog.

    All the best!


  2. very smart using the pot trick!!

    the people we bought our house from planted mint in the ground in the herb garden (also chives, just as invasive in a different, seed spreading way..). i have been pulling it up by hand & digging it up by the shovel full since we moved into the house a year & a half ago. it’s everywhere in the herb garden and pushing up the concrete between the bluestone on our paths. i knew that it was horribly persistant down south, but it’s just as obnoxious up here in the midwest.

    i love mint, but i love mint behind bars better!

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama


  3. Putting mint in a pot is such a good idea Katy! Thanks for the suggestion!


  4. I hope that works, I would not wish my mint problem on anyone…it’s everywhere! I am constantly pulling it out. I even pulled some out of the veg bed way in the back yard this morning. My herbs are all in the front yard. How did it get back there!

    BTW I love your little stripe dress!


  5. Just did this myself. Mint is glorious though.
    And I also recently found anise hyssop for my herbs. Have you tried that one? Delicious in tea and fruit salads!

    Take care!


  6. Spider Wort keeps the mint in check! Warning: Never plant spider wort, it can grow whole plants from a root the size of a hair. I’ve tried herbacides, digging it out, pulling, smothering – you name it! I need a backhoe and a truck of new dirt. It looks nice for a few weeks and then turns into a slimey gooey mess. Good tip about the mint pot, though!


  7. Another idea is to give mint to your neighbor. Before long they’ll have so much you’ll be able to cut all you need.

    I like to drizzle a little honey on fruit salad and then add some chopped mint.


  8. this is great. My family uses it in everything but are always scared of planting it bc. it really takes over. This is a good solution. When I move, I want to plant it.


  9. Well this is timely, I was just about to stick a mint plant in my garden. Now I know better, it’s going in a pot tonight. Thanks!