Happy Memorial Day!

Parade outside my house

Hello summer! We’re so glad you arrived! Are my legs tan? Did I wear flips flops all weekend and complain I was hot? Oh yes I did and loved every second of it. Tonight I might throw caution to the wind and put the down comforter away for the season. I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend too! Below snapshots from around Marblehead.

Scaled model submarine in Memorial Day Parade

Flag hanging outside Mud Puddle Toys on Washington Street

Nautical paintings in the window at Arnould Gallery on Washington Street

Marblehead Harbor from Crocker Park

State street landing with Marblehead Trading Company in the background

Katy walking up the catwalk at State street landing with skiffs below

Dock by State Street landing

Jeremiah Lee Mansion on Washington Street

Lilacs along rock wall at Jeremiah Lee Mansion

Katy and Greg at Crocker Park

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  1. Great shots! I love Marblehead so much, Thanks for showing the interesting little pieces I miss.


  2. Hi Katy,

    What fun summertime shots! And how cool that you’re on the parade route! House is lookin’ good, little by little. You’re so lucky to live in Marblehead. I only visited once, and it was so beautiful! Great shot of you two. :-)



  3. Lovely! The perfect shots of a welcome to summer. This summer is most welcomed after one heck of a Massachusetts winter.

    And how cool is it that the parade goes right by your great home!

    (Would you grant me permission to paint that one photo of Marblehead harbor from Crocker Point? Check my blog for my art style if you’d like: kimmorinweineck.blogspot.com)