Boxwoods Along Front Pathway

My sister has two rows of perfectly rounded boxwoods lining a slate path that leads up to her front door. Why don’t my boxwoods look this good? Yes, I do have the dog pee problem to deal with and they were hammered by the snow plows this winter. But I want them to look like this—beautiful rounded emerald green globes.

For family dinner Sunday night my nieces and I picked the last of the lilacs for our first dinner outdoors. My sister sliced up cucumbers the day before and filled a glass jar with 2/3 white vinegar, water, salt & pepper, and dill. They were delicious with our lamb burgers stuffed with goat cheese on the grill. I still have a few jars of pickles I canned last summer. Mine didn’t stay as crunchy as deli pickles. I might skip the canning this year and just keep a jar in my refrigerator like my sister. Maybe I’ll throw a few cloves of garlic in too?

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  1. Pickles are super hard to keep crunchy. I just do the same thing as your sister for dill but I still jar bread and butter pickles, because they aren’t suppose to stay crunchy.


  2. I always have better luck stashing pickles in the fridge instead of canning them – keeping the crispiness is so dang tricky.

    Your sister’s house looks fantastic!


  3. I discovered that the most common boxwood for sale around here is not globe shaped. The Green Mountain boxwood is conical. Last year I was lucky enough to find ONE globe boxwood to plant in my new front garden….not so lucky this year.

    I found this globe boxwood while searching

    I’ll take a look through my garden info to see if I saved the name of the globe boxwood I got last year. Definitely worth the search, no pruning at all on mine & it’s still shaped in a globe, lasted the winter too buried under 10′ of snow!


  4. Nice. Who did all the work there, on the boxwoods, or the lamb burgers? Must be very dedicated!