Windsor Inspired Outdoor Furniture

When we first bought the house the thing I was most excited about having outdoor space—even it was really small. I planted a perennial garden on the side of the house and have been brainstorming driveway surfaces that could easily turn into a garden patio in the summer months. This will be a third full summer in the house and we’re still not ready for the driveway, next year or maybe late this fall?

This morning a stack of new catalogs came in the mail and I was flipping through West Elm when I came across the new Dexter Collection. Spindled backs inspired by traditional Windsors but build for the outdoors using driftwood. I like the idea of mixing the collection with vintage pieces like an old trestle bench or metal chairs so it wouldn’t be too matchy matchy.

West Elm’s Dexter Collection Dining Chair, Bench and Fishbone Napkins.

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  1. i love that furniture! you definately need some of those pieces for your home. traditional enough for your historic home, but the lighter color wood with the clean lines keeps it from being too maw-maw.

    on your driveway…cobblestone always looks great. can you get away with either a bricklined (with old bricks) or cobblestone lines concrete driveway?

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama


  2. Absolutely stunning. Bare wood furniture looks so much better than the typical PVC outdoor furniture we get here in the UK. Looking forward to getting the garden finished this summer so I can splash out on some nice new patio furniture.


  3. Great design!

    Before you pull the trigger, check out Walpole Woodworkers. Quality, craftsmanship, durability, Made in the USA. I’m a 2nd generation “Walpoler”. Nothing compares for quality.


  4. I love those! I’ve been thinking a lot about outdoor furniture lately too. These are probably WAY out of my price range, but they are so cute, love the bench especially!


  5. Yup! We’ve looked at them. Pea gravel is a no go at my house. G hates it. So our choices are a natural rock driveway, cobble or brick. Our final choice will have to approved by the historic society.