Painting the Mantel Green

We’re slowly making our way around the room. Primer and paint went up on the mantel over the weekend. It needs another coat but we’re trying to be really careful not to loose the star and dash detail we found in the mantel. Stay tuned…

Below a really boring video of greg painting. But the light is a lot better then the photos and you get an idea of what the space looks like all together.

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  1. Yes it’s all just what you’re used to. We haven’t moved in yet but I know once we do, I’ll get over the low ceilings and move on! My parents just bought a condo in Back Bay with 11′ ceilings so I guess most ceilings are going to seem low with that as the reference point. Anyway, thanks for the tips!


  2. Well my ceilings are low. But I just turned to Greg when I saw your e-mail and said, 7.5 is low? I guess my point is you get use to it. You’re not going to hit your head.

    But you’re looking for tricks…

    Painting the molding green grounded the room. And made the room feel a bit taller.

    Hang your curtains high not on the window but above.

    Buy furniture in proportion to the space. If you pick over sized pieces your room will feel odd.


  3. Hi Katy,
    Love love love your blog.
    To Erin’s question about ceiling height, do you have any tricks to de-emphasize low ceilings? I realize that is part of the charm in an antique like yours, but we are moving into a reproduction colonial soon with about 1/100th of the charm of your house and the ceiling height is fairly low: 7-7.5 ft (I haven’t had the heart to measure bc I know it’s going to make me sad). Have you thought about anything special you’re going to do or not do, decorating wise, because of the ceiling height in your house? Thanks! Leslie


  4. Thanks Karen for thinking of me! I have a pile of inspiration photos from english movies with green walls or molding….so may good ones but I haven’t seen this one! I’ll share more next week!


  5. Looks great! Would love to see a closeup of the mantel detail. The egg and dash detail and that curved detail at the sides just below it. That looks really cool!

    You probably already know they have all the sample pots at Johnson Paint on Newbury Street. I went in there thinking I could get a quart of Arsenic and was disappointed at the limited selection of larger cans (that were all incredibly dusty!) Would be perfect to get samples when you just can’t wait for the mail though.


  6. wow – that barely looks green on my monitor… in person it looks more like a light green pastel. Very soothing color I can appreciate. I think it would have been cheaper to blend some dollar bills and paint them on the wall. That would make a nice looking green wall that I could depreciate.


  7. I just noticed the blue tape. Yikes! I have a close friend who taped off a section of the floor for a few days to paint the mouldings.

    When they pulled the tape (albeit a little too fast) the varnish came right off the floors with the tape. It can really stick after a short while so please be careful with it. Once it sits a while, it gets really tenacious!


  8. Katy, the green you chose is so, so lovely! I’m really glad you keep us posted on your renovation projects. Though I’m sure it’s not fun at times to live in a home that’s getting renovated, you are definitely living my dream. I’m jealous!



  9. I’m finding your blog quite addictive, I keep checking to see how the renovation is going.