Front Dormer Progress

Our focus this spring/summer is the exterior. We’ve already repaired our chimney, got a new roof, replaced/added new rake boards and wood gutters. This week we finished adding cedar clapboards to the front dormer and cedar corner boards, super fancy. Before the dormer was cover in asphalt shingles. It looks great and makes a huge difference from the street. Little by little, right?

Dormer work by Regatta Construction, we plan on priming and painting the trim ourselves.

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  1. I might have missed this somewhere along the way, but have you and Greg decided on a color scheme for the clapboards and trim?

    The progress looks wonderful, Katy!


  2. It’s so much easier to prime and paint if you can. The clapboards were pre-primed and the cornerboards were back primed. We don’t have any indoor space to paint and it was too cold to paint outside. And I haven’t decided on a house color. Oh well.

    We have a huge project this summer to re-clapboard the whole back of the house and replace every corner board but we won’t start till it’s much warmer.


  3. Forgot to mention. When we did our dormers,too late for you I’m afraid; I back primed and painted all trim and clapboard before it went up. Just needed a quick touch up coat to hide nails and cuts. Something to keep in mind if you have to replace a bunch of siding this next phase. So much easier to paint standing on the ground. G and/or K be careful up there.


  4. Looks great. Can’t recall a post about exterior colors. What are you thinking. Always look forward to your posts.


  5. It looks great, Katy. Such a difference. We have miles to go on our house, too. Even thinking about doing it all at once is crazy-making. And paying for it all at once? Forget it.