Spring Dresses From EmersonMade.

I never write about fashion because it’s the thing I care least about. If I ever become famous I’m getting a stylist to put lovely things in my wardrobe that fit me beautifully. So I guess I don’t dislike fashion, fashion seems to not like me.

I have a different body type. Since I was a kid, shopping has been a struggle and I’m not a fan of wasting a whole Saturday shopping for a freakin’ pair of pants. I’m tall have a small waist and I’m curvy on the top and the bottom. Most of the things I find at mass market stores make me look about 20lbs heavier because of the cut. I’ve basically given up and when I do find things I like—which is rare—I buy it up. I praise the gods who invented stretch skinny jeans and belting.

So a few weeks ago, I came across EmersonMade‘s new spring dresses. Based in New Hampshire, a husband and wife team started out making these really cute flowers. With the success of their accessory business they launched a clothing line. Some friends on twitter said it reminded them of J.crew before Jenna Lyons. I like the line because its age appropriate—I’m in my 30’s—not too dressy but pulled together.

I ordered three dresses; Dragonfly Market Dress, Seersucker and Brass Dress, and the Red Robin Dress. Greg came up the stairs while I was trying them on said, “Wow a dress that actually fits you! Love it. You look beautiful.” I had the Dragonfly Market Dress on. My least favorite of the bunch was the Red Robin, I like the styling but the other two were just more flattering on me. I might exchange it for the The Trench Dress to wear to some work events this spring.

The dresses are really well made. Most of them have hidden zippers, which I love. You could make a blooper show of me trying on dresses, getting stuck between my boobs and neck in the dressing room, and screaming for help! So thank you Emerson for the zippers. The dresses are a nice weight which I also appreciate because it reduces panty line. I’ll admit the prices are a little high but you are paying for quality, really. I took the dresses out of the box, which were beautifully wrapped and felt like I ordered handmade dresses for me. And the clothes that I have bought in the last few years that were a tad more expensive; I’m wearing year after year and they still look brand new. I don’t have the patience to shop for a whole new wardrobe every season. I’m happy to add these dresses to my closet, be done with shopping, and welcome spring.

Happy weekend everyone! Greg and I will be painting the den and cleaning up the garden!

p.s. on a more home design topic check out their house in New Hampshire, beautiful! High Street Market put together a great post full of photos, click here. And also in the recent Boston Magazine’s Home issue, on newsstands now.

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  1. LOVE EmersonMade – if only they would size past 0-12.
    Also, J.Jill is great for those with curves who appreciate quality. I’ve never had a pair of jeans fit better than their authentic fit slim jeans – you should try them!


  2. ugh, i am so with you on fashion not liking me, and being not interested in spending time on it! i’ve been seeing these dresses everywhere lately, and everyone’s been raving about them, but i keep thinking, “yeah, but will they fit *me*?” (i have the same tall hourglass thing going on. so this post is really helpful and makes me think it might be worth it to shell out the money for some pretty, well-made dresses (though i will likely go the route of making my own).


  3. Thank you for following me on twitter!

    I absolutely love EmersonMade, too. So classic but a litle different, too.

    PS Marblehead is gorgeous – I love historic architecture! Looking forward to following your blog.


  4. I am in love with everything about EmersonMade. (And their home is one of my all-time favorites.)
    I have the tweed blazer and it’s so well-made and one of my favorite things to wear. Glad to know their dresses are just as great!


  5. I’m going to try one- thanks for the good tip.

    Time for this mama to break free from her jeans:)

    Have a great weekend working on your place!


  6. This is the second blog post I’ve seen this week that discusses the Emersonmade seersucker dress. Darby of “Fly Through Our Window” altered a WalMart dress to look more like the EmersonMade one – though it does have a different silhouette than the real Emerson one, it came out very cute:



  7. hey katy,

    were they true to size?

    i always look at them-
    they look so nice- beautiful
    but always never know what size to order!

    i like this post though- i so relate having a diff. body in my 30’s and especially after two kids- eeks!

    i can just picture you in these cute dresses!



  8. That sounds lovely mopar. I’ve gotten over the feeling of thinking I’m fat and realized this is just my body, thank god! Even when I was in really great yoga body shape I had the same proportions and the same problems.

    Aw it’s so nice to find things that just fit you and make you feel beautiful so you can go on with your life.


  9. These are so adorable. Love the styles and colors for you.

    I hear you on the fit problems. Eighty percent of clothes are made to fit 20 percent of women. B cups and slim hips are unfortunately typical, probably because of the fit models and just general cluelessness — and the problem has gotten worse as more companies have moved their pattern making to Asia.

    The horrible fit of most mass manufactured clothing probably convinces many women there is something wrong with their bodies and they need to diet, when in fact the problem is the garment.

    It would be really cool if someday technology would give everyone a custom dressmaker fit at a mass manufactured price — like combining the best of the past and the future.


  10. Yay, Katy! Glad the dresses worked out – I love that electric blue.

    And I agree – I’d rather have just a few perfect things even if they are expensive than a bunch of meh stuff. Better to look in your closet and feel joy than dread.


  11. I hear ya Jane. Emerson is a knock out but she’s got a normal healthy body.

    Gosh a lot of the companies I see lately targeted to the younger crowd just look depressing. Super skinny, angry, and frail.

    I love that Emerson looks so happy in all the shots. And fyi the clothes were true to size for me.


  12. Katy – love this post. Even though I adore fashion and regularly blog outfits, I too have a hard time dressing my own body. I

    I’m always wary of online brands because the models always look stunning and I feel I’m like a hobbit compared to them (I’ve looked at Emersonmade’s clothes a bunch of time and been tempted, but also nervous because it’s hard to imagine them on me!)

    It’s always lovely to hear an endorsement from somebody who struggles with real body issues. So happy you found something that you love and makes you feel good too!


  13. What a winning review! I’ve been mulling buying some of their jeans for some time but have been nervy about choosing the wrong size and then having to return them (and mailing to London is pricey)… But after reading your post, it sounds too good to pass up! They do dresses with SLEEVES, too, which to me are like the holy grail.