Pink Wing Chair

I want this chair for my den but I know it’s probably $$$ and it’s not available stateside. But maybe I could find a vintage piece and upholester it in a rosy pink?

Beagle Chair from Howe London.

Another favorite pink chair from Canvas. The lines a little more modern. The shade equally lustworthy.

Pimlico Chair from Canvas.

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  1. hi Katy. I just had a chair reupholstered in Wilmington, MA. They did a great job, and were really lovely people… I noticed on their website today (I was looking it up to recommend to someone else!) and they do custom furniture too. I’m sure its a pretty penny, but maybe not, and then you’ll get the chair you’ve been wanting.
    Good luck!


  2. Ive started to go to auctions here, it might be your best bet to check them out. there is no such thing as craigs list, where most of my friends get their stuff. but in south australia there isnt the population to get good stuff.
    have you googled wingchair and looked only at images, there are some great shapes.
    good luck with everything Im in the middle of reorganising my house do to a giant furniture give away. I’ll send you photos


  3. Carrie,

    I would suggest finding a upholster in your area and asking for an estimate of a typical chair. Then add the cost of the chair + upholstery + fabric = ?

    Giving myself a budget always helps me. Believe me I can easily daydream but being realistic is not always a compromise. I’m often surprised and happier with projects that took a little extra effort and brainstorming.


  4. I always find interesting chairs worthy of reupholstering at my local salvation army, but I have yet to take the plunge. I’m afraid of the cost to have it reupholstered, and that is NOT a project I’m willing to take on myself!


  5. I am seconding the recommendation for Zimmans in Lynn, MA. It is amazing! It has a little (or a lot!) of everything. So much fun to walk through and browse.

    ALso, to share my experience with furniture reupholstering: I took an upholstery class a few years ago using my yard-sale wingback chair for my project. In the end it all turned out great, but I will NEVER do it again. For one thing, it is a ton of work! For another, it is a dirty, dusty job; ripping out old springs and strapping, cutting off old, dirty fabric, retying the springs,,…. and then comes the fitting, cutting and sewing part. By then I was ready to leave the chair and never go back, but that was not, apparently an original idea, because the teacher had told us on Day 1 that if any pieces were left behind, she would track us down and charge us storage until it got picked up. OMG!! However, I am glad I did it, because it gave me a much better understanding about the cost of reupholstering. Now I think it is worth every penny I am charged for a “simple” reuphostering job.


  6. You do need to be flexible. Don’t window shop, which often leaves me frustrated. I always find the most expensive fabric in the store! Find a chair/fabric you do like and try to mimic it like above. I would have probably never chosen that pink off the rack but on the chair I like it!

    My tips to check out:

    Calico Corners – they do have sales and a clearance section!

    Here is boston we have Zimman’s which is having a spring sale!

    Favorite Linen source in New York: Gray Line. I’ve seen linen on sale for $4.99/yard. Prices do vary and I find shopping in person a lot easier then online.

    Ebay. See a designer fabric you like. Search for it. Sometimes you can find bolts for hundreds off.

    Spotted amazing crewel on this site:

    Ticking stripes here for $3-$4 a yard:

    Found this one recently through Little Green Notebook:

    Be creative. I see vintage bolts at flea markets, consignment shops etc all the time too!

    p.s. I encourage everyone to take a look at Jenny’s blog she is one resourceful mama with some great style.


  7. I’ve decided to take an upholstery workshop (it starts Saturday in Minneapolis!) I have 2 1970’s Ethan Allen Wingbacks with a matching ottoman that need new fabric. I found a workshop that costs $300 and they hold your hand through the process. And the fabric is so expensive – where do you find awesome upholstery fabric that won’t break the bank?


  8. I hear ya Mary! Getting a chair reupholstered can be very expensive. I have a few tricks up my sleeve! First I gotta find a chair with great lines.

    For me I find chairs I like new but they company often doesn’t carry any fabric I like. Some companies allow you send in your own fabric -best case scenario- but some don’t. Then I would have to reupholster a brand new piece to use the fabric I want! Holy Moley expensive. I’m trying to find a middle ground.


  9. I love this chair. We picked a similar one up at a yard sale in Vermont and want to get it reupholstered, but it is pretty costly to do it. It seems that it’s often cheaper just to get a new chair. I’ll be very interested to see what you do or if you find a source for good chairs.