Paint Ordered, Wood Sanded

Drum roll please…I ordered the paint for the den! I choose Farrow & Ball’s Verte De Terre for the molding and James White for the walls. I haven’t decided on the ceiling. I might try to leave it as is; if it’s horrible I’ll probably paint it, Wimborne White.

We finished sanding the den, again. I felt like we were done sanding about a year ago but Greg seemed to think we could do a better job. I can’t remember if I ever wrote about it but I painstakingly cleaned every single detail in the molding with a heat gun last January. Ug, so I guess it’s done now? It’s never going to be perfect and I don’t mind the bumps and imperfections. Greg’s newest sanding tool: the molding star sander!

On Saturday night we fixed some gaps that occurred between the molding and the new ceiling. Greg basically used scrap wood we had and cut it into small wedges and stuck it in. Not really that interesting but if want you can check out the process on our facebook page. Once the molding gets painted hopefully it will just blend.

When I look back at photos of this room in progress I never in my life thought it would take this long. What started as Let’s just paint the walls turned into let’s strip all the wallpaper off, the paint off the molding, sand, remove the ceiling, replace the ceiling and sand some more. Holy moley it’s taken forever!

This is the kicker, I would say the room will be 70% done after the paint. We still need to strip (or whatever we are going to do) the floors and get a chimney liner (or thermocrete or whatever) and fix the mortar in the firebox of the fireplace. After all that maybe I can actually think about decorating. In another month or so the interior is going to take a back seat again. Our Spring/Summer project is to try to finish the exterior. It’s all a giant balancing act that gives me horrible acid reflux.


On Sunday it was in the low 60’s and we took a long walk around town and out to Fort Sewall—remember I mentioned this great spot in my post on Friday. Winter is waning and the ocean is a clear magical greenish blue. The fresh air was reviving and a reminder spring is around the corner.

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  1. Been watching the progress on your facebook page, really excited to see the finished results. That moulding is so spectacular. It deserves all the love and attention you have given it.


  2. TA-DA!

    This is going to look so great with the paint colors and your new rug. I can’t wait to see it all. I love your choice of paint colors.

    You’ve done so much in so little time. It took us a whole year to skim coat and paint the upstairs rental. We finished Saturday. Well, actually, we didn’t finish — there are still some undone bits, but the renter moved in, ha!

    By the way, forgive me if you know this already, but I didn’t: Before painting, fill gaps between woodwork and walls with caulk, and fill any little holes in the woodwork with wood filler, then prime. (The holes become very obvious after you prime.)

    Saw a guy on the subway today carrying a can of Farrow & Ball paint. Had to ask him about it! He was picking it up for his wife — my husband does that too.

    So to anyone who’s reading this, beware of carrying F&B paint around NYC — some crazy lady might stop to ask you about it.


  3. Katy:
    Verte de Terre will look beautiful in the room and is one of my absolute favorite Farrow and Ball shades. I know it feels like all of this process is taking forever – renovations always do – but once it is all done you will have a showplace that the two of you really made your own. Onward to that chimney!


  4. you can do it!!!

    the pictures of the sea are beautiful.

    i wish i had sanded more painstakingly, now i think when i go to sell my house, i will have to go back over everything, sand it, prime it, and paint it…in patches. URGH. and i probably should have replaced the ceilings in the living room and kitchen. oh well.


  5. Great color choices; just a heads up I think you will want to paint the ceiling. The room will just look more finished that way, and given all the time you have put into it…well that’s my opinion anyway!


  6. Congratulations, Katy! Though it seems like it’s taking longer than expected, you are making thoughtful renovations. If your house could talk, I’m sure it would shout a big “thank you!”


  7. Thanks Sally Mae!

    Yes, the molding and walls will get primed before we paint. Farrow & Ball’s website has recommendations for both depending on the paint color you choose.


  8. Acid reflux aside, you are TOTALLY my hero! It is so awesome that you guys are doing in TOGETHER – my husband is so not interested in DIY which makes it extremely difficult for me to tackle stuff on my own. I did my firts (and last) hardwood floor last fall. I know I’m brave for trying it, but all I can see are the imperfections. I also adore your paint colors and am looking to your for inspiration when I paint my trim and bedroom walls:) Will you prime the wood before putting on the color?


  9. i’m so happy for you two. you totally deserve a beautiful room to take refuge in amidst the chaos. congrats and the colors are gorgeous!