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Peek: Green Paint on Molding

Posted on | March 28, 2011 | 28 Comments

Over the weekend I painted my test wall and started painting the molding Verte De Terre. I had a minor freak out Saturday night that the molding color was too green. The scene was a bit dramatic followed by me scouring all my inspiration books and convincing myself I should I have picked, French Gray, because every room I adore used it. The reason why I didn’t go with French Gray was because I was afraid it would be too gray and not enough green.

Morning came and I came down the stairs and viola; I loved it again. I’m seriously crazy, right? After spending so many months brainstorming paint colors I felt like I failed when at first I didn’t like the color in the dark. I know, totally silly. I’m back to painting and here’s a peek from Monday morning.

The painting is slow going. The walls have been painted James White, love. I filled the gaps and crumbling plaster in the corners using Plaster of Paris, which worked out great. I’m painting the molding detail with a toothbrush and then dry brushing over the top. I’m trying to be super careful not to gunk it up after we spent so many months removing paint and sanding. Stay tuned for more…

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Spring Dresses From EmersonMade.

Posted on | March 25, 2011 | 16 Comments

I never write about fashion because it’s the thing I care least about. If I ever become famous I’m getting a stylist to put lovely things in my wardrobe that fit me beautifully. So I guess I don’t dislike fashion, fashion seems to not like me.

I have a different body type. Since I was a kid, shopping has been a struggle and I’m not a fan of wasting a whole Saturday shopping for a freakin’ pair of pants. I’m tall have a small waist and I’m curvy on the top and the bottom. Most of the things I find at mass market stores make me look about 20lbs heavier because of the cut. I’ve basically given up and when I do find things I like—which is rare—I buy it up. I praise the gods who invented stretch skinny jeans and belting.

So a few weeks ago, I came across EmersonMade‘s new spring dresses. Based in New Hampshire, a husband and wife team started out making these really cute flowers. With the success of their accessory business they launched a clothing line. Some friends on twitter said it reminded them of J.crew before Jenna Lyons. I like the line because its age appropriate—I’m in my 30’s—not too dressy but pulled together.

I ordered three dresses; Dragonfly Market Dress, Seersucker and Brass Dress, and the Red Robin Dress. Greg came up the stairs while I was trying them on said, “Wow a dress that actually fits you! Love it. You look beautiful.” I had the Dragonfly Market Dress on. My least favorite of the bunch was the Red Robin, I like the styling but the other two were just more flattering on me. I might exchange it for the The Trench Dress to wear to some work events this spring.

The dresses are really well made. Most of them have hidden zippers, which I love. You could make a blooper show of me trying on dresses, getting stuck between my boobs and neck in the dressing room, and screaming for help! So thank you Emerson for the zippers. The dresses are a nice weight which I also appreciate because it reduces panty line. I’ll admit the prices are a little high but you are paying for quality, really. I took the dresses out of the box, which were beautifully wrapped and felt like I ordered handmade dresses for me. And the clothes that I have bought in the last few years that were a tad more expensive; I’m wearing year after year and they still look brand new. I don’t have the patience to shop for a whole new wardrobe every season. I’m happy to add these dresses to my closet, be done with shopping, and welcome spring.

Happy weekend everyone! Greg and I will be painting the den and cleaning up the garden!

p.s. on a more home design topic check out their house in New Hampshire, beautiful! High Street Market put together a great post full of photos, click here. And also in the recent Boston Magazine’s Home issue, on newsstands now.

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