Historic Purple Window Panes

One of my lovely readers (thanks Ginger!) pointed out my new amethyst glass lamps reminded her of old crystal doorknobs with the manganese in them that turn violet over decades in the sun. In Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood old window panes can be spotted in this lovely amethyst hue too. The hued panes were originally created by accident around 1800-30. The excess of manganese oxide in the glass caused the window panes to turn purple overtime. Above a shot I took of a window in Beacon Hill back in 2008. How lovely to think my new lamps could be a reflection of this gorgeous historic glass.

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  1. SO interesting – had no idea!! And btw – I think I’m using Vert de Terre for my office as well but for the walls with the warm white trim!


  2. I have a collection of old bottles that have turned purple due to the manganese…why didn’t I think to mention that…duh. ;)