Boston Flower & Garden Show: Part II

The theme of this year’s Boston Flower & Garden show was Celebrating the Container Garden. I stopped in my tracks when I spotted Snug Harbor Farm’s gorgeous hydrangea in a large footed pot. Can I order a dozen? Included in the display was a boxwood in a low terracotta pot. I write about Snug Harbor Farm a lot. I’m a bit bias but you’ll be too, once you visit their amazing nursery in Kennebunk, Maine. The beautiful succulent basket below; also from them!

I spotted different variations on wood planters around the show. Tall containers filled with flowers and ornamental trees, longer versions arranged with tight rows of boxwoods and a more rustic version from the Garden Design School.

After the show I tried to convince Greg to build me a hundred different sized containers to cover my someday driveway/patio. I like that containers can be moved and displayed differently throughout the season. I can use the containers to create displays that give us privacy along our sidewalk. Or I can create displays in the yard’s trouble spots. The possibilities are endless…

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  1. Where is Tony?! Is he camera shy? I lived in K’Port for 20 years and miss it very much, thanks for the lovely pictures!


  2. Hi Doreen!

    Greg and I were discussing this too. I should have included it in the post. Typically you can’t leave terracotta out in the winter or so I’m told. But let’s ask Anthony!

    I don’t have any space for winter storage so if the terracotta doesn’t work I may have to build cedar boxes.


  3. Katy – thanks for sharing the pics of the Boston Flower Show – love the hydrangea in clay pot – visited Snug Harbor a few years ago and fell in love with the same thing so now it is time to act. However, I’m concerned about clay pots cracking (wintering over) because I have champagne taste in clay pots. Going to call Snug Harbor and see what they have to say about it. I now have a boxwood standard on my front porch that was there all winter and seems to have done well but keeping my fingers crossed about the pot. Enjoy your blog!


  4. Snug Harbor Farm IS amazing! My sister & I visited last summer. I was delighted to find 2 Goatsbeard plants, and a whole bunch of other plants, lol. I can’t wait for them to come up this Spring. I’m looking forward to another visit this summer, I hope! :D