Beacon Hill Exteriors and a Rock Path

After the Boston Flower & Garden show (post to follow) on Saturday we took a walk over to Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill is a beautiful 19th century neighborhood in downtown Boston. It’s super fancy and I always find great inspiration. Above a house I spotted on Pickney Street. The exterior colors are a stunning collection of green/blue/cream with a gray undertone. I love the combination but I be going green overboard? The den molding will be basically the same color. My favorite exterior in Marblehead has a greenish/gray/putty clapboard and the shutters are a dark hunter green.

Below snapshots of Pickney Street and few front doors we spotted. On the left a red door with beautiful hardware and a bell jar lamp. The snapshot on the right doesn’t do the entry justice. The angle of the stairs plays with your eyes as you pass by. At the very bottom a rock pathway Greg spotted—he tried to convince we should do our driveway in rocks because we’ve found so many on our property and in the dirt basements.

Rock paths are common in New England check out these paths spotted in Marblehead and Salem. I played around with the rock driveway idea last summer too but I don’t think they’re practical for a driveway. I want to turn our driveway into a large patio in the summertime (we have a parking ban in the winter) and the bumpy rocks make me nervous that every table, chair, flower pot will be tippy. We’re a long way off from putting in the driveway, first we have to work on the rotten clapboards and painting the house this summer.

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  1. I love Beacon Hill – great shots! Makes me realize I’m due for a visit back soon with the husband. Definitely when the weather gets warmer.

    I love the look of a rock driveway/patio, too, but I totally agree with you that it’s less than ideal as a patio. We had tons of large rocks buried in our backyard that we uncovered as we were landscaping and doing some other work. We first used some of them in a patio, but that lasted exactly one summer before we ripped it out because it drove me crazy. (Instead, we used them to make a small stone wall in our front yard.)