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Narrow Doorway

Posted on | January 26, 2011 | 11 Comments

We are still in the process of shoring up our ceiling in preps for the new ceiling; I’ll share more of the process on Friday. We had to make a decision this morning if we wanted to keep the doorway from the den to the smaller room wide or make it narrow again. When we first bought the house the doorway was narrow but a piece of the original frame had been cut out. The wall was crumbling so we decided at the time to just rip the whole thing out.

I grew quite fond of the wide frame but Greg hates it. He doesn’t like how the doorways are no longer symmetrical. Greg found all the doors for the room around the house in closets and in the basement. Once the room is done we’ll be able to shut all the doors and light the fire in the winter and stay super toasty. The den is our most precious room in the house; so I should probably keep it as historically accurate as possible, right?

The little room is eventually going to become a library. We’re planning on installing a floor to ceiling bookcase next to the window. I’m thinking since the room relates to the larger room I’ll keep the molding color the same but maybe add a little wallpaper or maybe just beautiful curtains around the window? I think I need to see the room with some paint before I decide.

Above how the doorway looked this morning and below a series of photos of the doorway in transition.

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Ceiling In Progress: Installing LVLs

Posted on | January 24, 2011 | 15 Comments

Whef today was rough! We woke up to -4 degree temps. The pipes were frozen and the drain was still backed up. Greg tried to drive to the gym to take a shower when the radiator hose on the truck burst.

Our carpenters started installing LVLs to help stabilize the sagging ceiling. LVL beams (Laminated Veneered Lumber) are being sistered to the old beams. LVLs are much stiffer then typical lumber but they do cost 3xs as much. Tomorrow the new LVL beams need to be screwed into place.

Jeff from ASAP Drains came this afternoon to help us clean out the clogged pipe. It took about 20 minutes to get the drained cleared of a few roots which had caused it to clog, back up, and freeze. We think we could have a potential bigger problem lurking.

When we first moved in we had the same exact issue. We removed a whole pile of roots that built up in the pipes —something I will never do again; see nasty photo here! We also dug out the whole area around the pipe removing all roots we could find and spreading copper sulfate. So either it’s a really bad root problem or we have a strange kink in the pipes that causes poor draining?

We need a bottle of wine tonight!

p.s. it took us so long to get the drain cleared because Greg was calling the wrong person for the problem. There are two plumbing “specialties” for two different types of plumbing: Water/Heating pipes vs. Drain Pipes. He’d called a water/heating plumber who was just going subcontract out the job to the drain pipes plumber which is why we assume it was taking so long to get someone out to our house. We called the drain plumber directly and got Jeff from ASAP Drains to the house in just a couple hours.

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