Happy New Year Lobster Rolls

Happy New Year! I love the feeling of beginning all over again. We started this one off right by offering to make lobster rolls to bring to a friend’s New Year’s eve party. I’ve been scheming up a new lobster salad recipe since being in Maine this past summer.

About a ten-minute walk from my house is our local lobster pound. After living here 2 1/2 years I still pinch myself walking down colonial-lined snowy streets to a lobster pound right next to the ocean. Really how could life get better? Check out the views in the above video. I know it’s quick but I shot it from my phone and people were staring at me…yes, I’m a little shy.

I got four lobsters all caught in local waters to make lobster salad for mini rolls. Greg and I had fun cooking them up in my big canning pot. Lobsters are so strange, right? It’s crazy to think that we eat these things that look like bugs? After a quick ten minute jacuzzi bath the lobsters got cooled, shucked and chopped for salad. I added about a 1/4 cup of mayo, zest of a lemon, juice of 1/2 a lemon, s&p, and dill. I know I am going to offend a lot of people by my recipe but hey this is my recipe! I’m not a lobster purist. I served them in the traditional top-split bun cut in half to make it easier to eat them as an appetizer. They were a hit at the party and I got a lot of compliments on the lemony dill taste. Can’t wait to make them again this summer!

Marblehead Lobster Co
Beacon & Orne
Marblehead, MA
(781) 631-0787

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  1. Oh that was an awesome post! I was really missing my in-laws this morning, they live up in M’head, and saw this and it brought them right to me. We love getting lobbies there! I always feel like I’m in Maine.

    and..hello….LOVE your sink!!! Love love love.

    Enjoy your day and thanks.


  2. I had the privilege of sampling Katy’s New Year’s Eve Lobster Rolls and they were probably the best I’ve had. Perfect amount of lemon-to-mayo and herb ratio with BIG chunks of lobster meat! Thank you Katy!!


  3. I remember getting fresh seafood when I used to visit my mom’s family in New Orleans as a child… I’m highly skeptical of even eating sushi in Tucson. So jealous you have this down the street!