Elegant Green Paneled Molding

New beams have been installed in the den and next week the plasterer will be over to hang a new ceiling. I can’t believe that I may actually be able to paint my den in the next month or so. Ever since I saw the room I wanted to paint it green. At first, I wanted the trim to be cream and the walls green. We scraped off hundred layers of paint to discover the paint was originally green. Over the summer I spotted green molding in a number of historic New England homes which really pushed me to fully embrace painted moldings.

I want the molding to be an unsaturated green that feels moody with a bit a gray like the molding in the photos above and below. My first choice was Verte De Terre from Farrow & Ball. The sample we painted on the wall is extremely close to the original paint we found on the molding. Next week Farrow & Ball is releasing nine new paint colors. I’m eyeing Mizzle: A soft blue grey which takes its name from the West Country description for a combination of mist and drizzle. The color from the press release looked similar to the den below with the leather sofas. The new colors are not available till Feb 1st—I’ll share some inspiration rooms next week. The Mizzle sample should be here next week for me to try out!

Photo Credits: Jasper Conran Country, Farrow & Ball Living with Colour, Remodelista House Call: Karin Draaijer in Belgium, Quinlin and Francis Terry Architects: Kingsham Farm, unknown, World of Interiors: more photos here.

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  1. The painted molding is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I just found your blog a few days ago and am loving it. Thanks for the inspiration.



  2. I hear ya Abby! But I think they are actually dark green. Which in that room which the ceiling seems pretty tall, works for me. But I could imagine if they were lower it wouldn’t work.


  3. Love the one colour idea you are going with, soft and soothing
    in one of the photos the beams are painted black, having lived with that in england in an old house I have to say its opressive, and better to blend in with the ceiling colour or to match the rest of the wood in the rest of the room. I dont get the black as it is harsh and feels like it is sitting right on your forhead like really really big eyebrows!
    you chose so very well


  4. Wow! How exciting! On a slighly unrelated note: does the fireplace in the room work?! I’m sure your den will be so cozy and invited when you’re finished with it…the perfect place to curl up with a book or some knitting.


  5. I’m so excited for you! I think the first time I visited your site you were testing out the paint colours on the wall. Can’t wait to see how it looks.


  6. I am counting down to the new Farrow & Ball paint colors as well…(posted about it)…I am excited for Manor House Gray. Sounds like Mizzle might be perfect for your den!