Spots of Holiday

I tried to transform my second floor living space from 2 x 4 storage space into an actual dining and living room for the holidays. I set up a tree, made a homemade wreath for my kitchen and decorated my mantels with extra tree trimmings. It was nice to clean up the house and do some fun crafty projects. Above and below shots from around the house. Merry Christmas!

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Yay or Nay: Coffee Bag Boxwood Covers

I picked a few burlap coffee bean bags from Snug Harbor Farm to cover up my boxwoods. I was hoping I could just slip the bags over the plants but that didn’t work. I tried slicing a slit up the side but the bag still didn’t fit. So I cut the two sides and wrapped them around. I wove two bamboo sticks in on the corners to keep the burlap upright and secure to the plant.

Greg is not a fan; he thinks they look really silly. He just came into the house with a comment of, “Wow your bushes look cozy!” Maybe he’s just grumpy from attaching tar paper to the back of the house? So what do you think: Do they look totally dumb or not so bad? If you’ve come up with clever cheap solution to cover your boxwoods please feel free to share. Keyword here is “cheap”.

p.s I finished all four. I don’t think they look too bad and and three out four of the coffee bags have these really cute festive stripes on them.

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