We’re Going Charcoal!

We’re going with a charcoal roof! I think the darker color is going to look amazing once I paint the house a putty color with green shutters next spring. My neighbors on the opposite corner (photo below) from me have very similar house styles and charcoal roofs. I’m thinking it will nice if we resemble each another?

We’re also getting new rake boards, fascia, clapboards on the side of the dormer, gutters, and downspouts. Greg e-mailed me this diagram explaining what each of those terms meant.

By the end of next week I should have a new roof. The carpenters came by today and started removing the old rake boards. We’ve got some ugly stuff happening underneath. I’ll share photos tomorrow and next week of the entire process. For now let’s just relish in the fact that we’re getting a new roof and it’s going to be charcoal, yay!

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  1. Charcoal looks good, but its a shocker as far as building efficiency goes. In the summer they do not reflect any radiant heat. They just store it up and release it at night while you’re trying to sleep.


  2. In New England, greenwise, wouldn’t dark roofs be a good thing 9 months of the year? I know the snow will melt faster from your charcoal roof than a lighter one. Sorry if this was already thoroughly discussed!


  3. Just in time for winter! The charcoal is a classic choice that will suit the age and style of your home. Hope all the work goes smoothly!


  4. It’s going to look fabulous! It is a classic look and I love the house colors that you are planning on. It’s such a comfort when you get a new roof – the storms and winds come and you know that you are safe and secure within.