New Find! Blanket Chest

I really haven’t bought any furniture since we bought the house. I’m trying to keep the rooms clear so it’s easier to renovate. But when I do find pieces that I like and can afford I’m starting to pick them up. I spotted this piece at my friend Katherine’s letterpress studio in Marblehead. The box came from her mom who is an amazing collector—you would die with envy if you saw all the amazing antiques Katherine has in her house.

Katherine’s mom says it’s a Blanket Chest. The small box inside the chest is where the deed was kept. We found some writing inscribed on an inside panel. I’m not quite sure what it actually says but it was so cool to find. Maybe a love note?

I’m not sure where I’ll put the piece but it would be great as an extra table in my living room or at the end of my bed. Now I finally have storage for my wool blanket obsession.

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  1. I love the idea of this box at the foot of the bed, filled with plaid wool blankets! I recently found a similar wood box (more like a trunk) on the side of the road. It stores hay for my bunny and is used as a bedside table when my boyfriend is over. I’m hoping to refinish it and use it as a coffee table someday. Love your blog!


  2. I too have one of these, my husband bought it as a 30th wedding annniversary gift. I love the patina that these old pieces of furniture/chests take on..all my blankets and quilts are in there, which reminds it is time to take them out again…the nights are getting a little chilly !


  3. Gorgeous! Both of my coffee tables are old wooden chests from my husband’s family.

    I have GOT to get over to Tallow!


  4. I keep buying old cedar chests over the years – we have one at the foot of our bed -holds clothes and blankets, one for a coffee table – it holds Christmas decorations, and one to hold towels and linens for the guest room, etc. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but they’re so beautiful and useful. I love your deed chest. What a neat find and I’m sure you’ll find multiple uses for it over the years.


  5. Did you know that there was often hidden compartments in those types of chests where the woman on the house would keep her valuables?! Ahh the things you learn when you want Antiques Roadshow A LOT!!! Love your new addition : )


  6. I inherited a similar chest from my mom. It sat at the foot of her bed while we were growing up and for me it was a window seat for a long time and is at the foot of my bed…full of blankets.