Stripe Garter Stitch Afghan

Thanks for all great comments and words of encouragement on my sweater jacket inspiration post. I think I’ll hold off for now and sign up for a baby sweater class at my local yarn shop. But I still need a project! I’m traveling a lot in the next three weeks and want something with me to work on. Maybe I should rephrase that? I need something that will stop me from having an anxiety attack on my 5 hour flight to Vegas in two weeks. I hate flying!

So what about an afghan? I could do something easy…I found this Garter Stitch version knit in three panels in Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans. I love it! Reminds me of Breton fisherman sweaters and ticking stripe—two of my favorite things. Garter stitch is terribly easy which probably means bor-ing. But I want a project that I won’t get stuck 1/2 way through and have to ask another knitter on my flight for help. What do you think? Is easy always boring? Or you can’t go wrong with stripes!

ArmorLux stripe hat and sweater available at Lynn Marine Supply in Marblehead

Ticking stripe blanket from Brahms Mount in Maine

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  1. I know you already settled on a project, but I thought of you when I saw this, it costs out at about $275, but looks complete-able! I’m an scarf knitter but may try out the hat you posted as my first knitting in the round project and have wanted to make a blanket since I first started knitting.



  2. Katy,

    In March, I finished a garter stitch throw in gray tweed. There is something calming and meditative about knitting in garter. And yes, of course, it gets boring at times – just keep a second, more intricate project on the needles at the same time. It’s a good go-to project when you need to decompress! It is the most used blanket in the house…


  3. For me, I try to learn at least one new skill with every knitting project I do. That way I don’t get too bored, even if the project is on the simpler side. Does the project incorporate any new skills for you? Afghans can get boring, but if you are learning some new, have a bulky yarn that will make things go quickly, and you are totally in love with the way the pattern will look when it’s done, I say go for it.


  4. Beautiful afgans!

    I did find large knitting projects awkward to travel with on planes.

    I’ve done several afgans made up of individual squares in different patterns. I found it was a great way to learn new stitches and easy to travel with, until you stitched it all together – lol!


  5. Hi Katy:

    I wanted to let you know that with flight safety regulations I believe you can’t take knitting needles on a plane anymore.


  6. I am taking an introduction to knitting class at Purl SOHO in NYC – someone suggested the online knitting community website for knitting patterns and ideas. Thanks for your posts! I love your ideas. And by the way, I bought a Brahms Mount linen day blanket and it is fantastic!


  7. …just found your lovely blog. Marblehead is a beautiful town that someday I hope to move to. We’ve done some house hunting there but haven’t taken the plunge yet.


  8. I love the afghan! And the pattern is so simple that it would be mindless and simple to knit – very soothing!