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I’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of Martha Stewart’s new line of kitchen cabinets at Home Depot. I’m a huge fan of her personal style. The new line features cabinets inspired by each of Martha’s own kitchens. Her new Bedford kitchen is my favorite did you see it in the recent issue of Living? Click here to check out detailed shots—the organized drawers will wow you!

I’m about a year off from renovating my kitchen. I have to take down a wall first. But I can still dream, right? I imagine cabinets in a putty color or maybe just a creamy white? I’m not sure on anything really. I know I want an island so I can pull up chairs and a big beautiful wood farm style table on the other side. I’m hoping I have a fireplace behind a wall but that’s still left to be discovered. But all this is tentative of course and I’m still in the daydreaming phase…

Martha’s new cabinet collection is available through special order at Home Depot. Eleven different door styles are available as well as hardware and Corian countertop options. I have to go and check it out in person but I think it has serious potential! Above and below inspiration shots from the new collection.

p.s. I saw sample cabinet at Home Depot over the weekend. They seemed nice. Prices range from $2,500-$3,000 for 10 x 10. Not really what that includes but hopefully it gives you some idea.

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  1. I love that Martha is making good design very accessible. I live in Australia where we don’t have Home Depot yet I’ve already seen about a hundred pictures of this range. It looks stunning; I hope the quality matches. I also hope people find ways to add some bespoke touches. In the meantime I’ll keep saving for my dream kitchen too!


  2. I wish she had done this a year ago when we were buying cabinets for our kitchen! I absolutely love that island with all the drawers. Looking at the HD website, you can get them in maple,cherry, oak or a laminate. We still have to do our master bathroom. I’ll definitely be looking at these for, hopefully, a cheaper option than our kitchen cabinets!