Kitchen Windsor Chairs

I’ve had a thing for this very particular type of chair for about three years now. I’ve heard them called, kitchen windsors and Grange chairs by Martha. The chairs are small and have a curved back that snuggly fits around you. I spot them at fleamarkets all the time for around $10-$20 each. Below a set I spotted at Todd Farm in May 2009—I was broke and couldn’t afford the set, sad.

Anyway…my older sister announced she wants to come for Thanksgiving last week. Honestly, my house is a disaster zone and they thought of having guests gives me instant acid reflux. But I can make due, right? I have a table but I don’t have chairs.

Over the weekend I scored a set of three chairs (above) from Grace Interiors in Marblehead. Now I’m on the search for three more which still doesn’t fit all my guests but it’s a start. I want to paint them eithier a putty gray or maybe a dark dark green? I’m not a huge fan of black because I think the color lacks depth even in a gloss.

Below two photos of Martha’s set she has collected over the years. Check out this vintage photo here of her cleaning one up.

Kitchen Windsor Chairs@ Todd's Farm

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  1. LOVE grange chairs! I have a childs version that my Great Grandparents bought for my Grandmother as a toddler. Have you considered BM Lafayette Green, it is a gorgeous dark nearly black color.


  2. I agree with above to keep them unpainted! There is something really great about a worn Windsor chair. Maybe I am partial because I haven’t painted mine?


  3. I have 4 of these chairs, got them at a yard sale in Maine for 20 dollars ! They are painted a coral color (the way I found them), it sounds awful but they are pretty and I use them as extras around my dining table when I have a big crowd in. I would leave them the color they are for now, think they have so much more character that way..what about putting hooked chair cushions on… Just a thought…


  4. I had an old glossy black chair for several years. It always looked like it had crumbs or other debris on it…. I was forever wiping it off. Go with the putty! It won’t show dropped bread crumbs, cracker crumbs, rice krispies, etc. Or maybe your family is neater than mine? I love the chairs.


  5. I say paint them Bedford Gray! It’s a color from MS Home Depot line of paint. I painted my mudroom built-ins that color and love it. It’s a perfect shade of gray/brown/green. You can also check out the color in the Sept issue (the Home issue) of MS Living. She has her cabinets and trim painted that color in her kitchen. Good Luck Katy!