South End Gardens: Rutland Street

My only complaint about my house is the lack of garden space. I want a huge garden full of flowers, herbs, and vegetables—I’m talking insane big. Let’s ditch the driveway! Ok maybe not?

I was in South Boston this week and spotted community gardens all over the neighborhood. Phlox, Black Eyed Susans, Russian Sage, Echinacea, and Sunflowers were all in bloom. The garden above and below was on Rutland Street (click the link for an amazing google maps view) in the South End. The lush green escape covers a block and half. It was a totally amazing place to stumble upon in the middle of the city. Happy Weekend!

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  1. Community Gardens are known as ‘allotments’ in the UK, and are great fun, especially if you go down there with the kids, as there are usually all sorts of people down there, and usually a couple of old boys that know all there is to know about gardening!


  2. Having lived in the heart of England, I miss the beautiful wildflower gardens. On a breezy summer day, I’d walk and collect blooms to arrange in vases.

    I found a company in California that mixes the flower seeds so that an array of flowers bloom, like a typical English garden, and cannot wait to try it.

    Great pictures,
    ~Kiki Nakita~